Gallery and Review: Matt and Kim at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas 11/11/19

Matt and Kim brought their GRAND 10 Year Celebration Tour to The Bomb Factory last night.  Fans lined up early in the freezing cold to get a good spot for the show.  Matt and Kim always bring a full on party with every one of their shows; everywhere you went you could overhear fans in the audience saying that it is the best concert that they have ever experienced.  

Their shows bring on mosh pits, crowd surfers, balloons, confetti, and a whole lot of fun.  The energy they bring to the stage is unlike anything you have ever seen.  At the end of the night, once Matt and Kim left the stage, everyone in the audience was chanting for an encore.  Matt and Kim came back out to play two more songs and once it was over fans rushed to the merch booth to grab shirts, CDs, and Matt and Kim blow up dolls.

Easy to say Matt and Kim throw the best party at their shows and are an all time favorite to all of their fans.  Going to a Matt and Kim show is a truly unforgettable experience.


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