NYC Singer/Songwriter Emily McNally Releases 'The Gardener' EP

Photo: Marilyn Lamanna

Early September saw the release of NYC singer-songwriter Emily McNally's latest project: The Gardener. It is a brooding yet sophisticated selection of tracks handling growth, longing, and intimacy. McNally says to Suburban Rose that the name is a metaphor for the yearning one feels for constancy: "I wrote these five tracks about trying to take care of and protect beautiful things that might not last, much like a garden."

A listen to the five tracks of The Gardener is a journey both musically and emotionally. From the hushed plucks of "Safety" to the synth-enhanced flow of "Tell Me All The Things You Do," there is vivid emotion injected to McNally's words and music to much success.

The Gardener is a testament to the contemporary direction of the indie singer-songwriter genre and what makes it so enjoyable. You could picture it playing in a cafĂ©, a record store, a bookshop, or, less romantically (but with just as much impact), in your room with the lights out and your eyes closed.

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