Review: Thomston's New Lively Single 'Lightweight'

Thomston Lightweight Review Suburban Rose

New Zealand singer-songwriter Thomston is back with another single; "Lightweight" accentuates his pop roots in such a simple yet sophisticated way.

His cinematic persona comes out beautifully in this upbeat tune, through various layers of synths and harmonies that add depth and volume to the general melody. I had the chance of reading the lyrics before the actual song came out, thanks to Thomston's kind heart, and it is easy to say that they are as relatable as always, signifying growth in his popstar character, even if still tying him up to his initial lyrical identity. It's like a coming of age movie carried in sound.
"You got me seeing double, but I can't deal with the both of you"
Sonically it is a fun tune, even if it—similarly to his other single "Acid Rain"—holds a much deeper meaning. "Lightweight" talks about a toxic relationship. The protagonist of the song is desperately infatuated, but they realize it is not what they need. They are trying to muster the courage to put an end to it. There is a shadow of suspense throughout the song because it is never clear whether the relationship actually ends or not: "I know, I know you're toxic, but you know I know I can't help it. And we both know it's a one-way ticket." It is also like an eternal cycle: it ends with the same lyric it starts with.

It is very groovy and pop-centered. But even if the song itself is full of external inspiration, Thomston's identity remains pure and intact, with no smudges on his artistic persona nor his credibility.
"I'm scared to say something I don't mean or worse, something I do"
Thomston's voice is very clear and limpid, starting off very simply and naturally, augmenting the intensity right before the chorus, with the addition of claps and theatrical choral harmonies placed in the background. The chorus is catchy. It perfectly shapes the personality of the song, a nice upbeat ballad that carries emotions and comfort at the same time. The young singer has crafted this song in the perfect way; it is not overdone. In fact, it is probably one of the simplest songs he has ever produced and put out, but it still delivers the message in an effective and successful way. Even if the instruments are slightly more synthesized and on the electronic side, it still feels organic and natural, especially when the funky drums and keyboard chime in.
"When it comes to you I can't keep it down: you go straight to my head, I go straight to the ground. When it comes to you I don't wanna drown, 'cause you make a lightweight of me"
Thomston's first album Topograph is still going strong on charts and there is a reason for it: His music is fresh and young, lighthearted and lively, but it still aims to spread a message, and I personally believe that this is the most important thing, to be aware that even the heaviest topics can be discussed in a groovy, eclectic and upbeat song like "Lightweight."


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