Review: The Millennial Club— 'She's So Insane' EP

The Millennial Club are an indie pop band out of southern California with a fresh new take on emotive pop. Rather than limit themselves to one specific niche, they've drawn inspiration from r&b, jazz, rock, and pop to create a blend that's uniquely theirs, and paired it with thoughtful lyricism.

When I first got a hold of She's So Insane, I was a little let down by there only being two new songs for me to listen to, as four out of the six have already been released as singles in the past two years. However, I think this was an unfair assessment because the songs take on new life and tell a more complete story within their full context.

Put simply, She's So Insane is an EP about love. The Millennial Club manage to approach this massive topic with tact and nuance in each track on the EP, from falling in love to heartbreak. I feel like "IDWBILWY" really showcases the maturity in songwriting on this EP. With lyrics like "we both know that we had something, but now that thing is gone" and "now you see if wounds are deep and go uncovered they will bleed," they've captured that back-and-forth feeling when you've made up your mind to end a relationship but you're still in love with the other person. On the flip side, "MI" has a bigger emphasis on trust and communication, through distance and life changes (like going to college in another state). There is an appreciation and clarity to both sides of love on this EP, and the lyrics reflect so many of the different emotions that run between.

Sonically, this album is a dream. 80's synths, clean guitars, r&b basslines, and smooth vocals all come together to create a lush and detailed soundscape. These songs remind me of late summer drives with the windows all the way down. The Millennial Club have truly taken the time to be intentional and creative in each track. There's a consistency in terms of vibe, but several of the songs also have instrumental surprises, such as a sax solo or a gorgeous piano modulation. They are clearly much more interested in the artistry and crafting of their songs than in doing what might be expected of them, and it really pays off.

She's So Insane is a strong first EP to put out, and The Millennial Club have the full potential to become a household name in the next few years. Every band member brings something truly special to the art that they've created together, and I can't wait to see how much farther they go.


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