Gallery & Review: Anderson .Paak at Toyota Music Factory 6/12/19

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals completely packed Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas on Wednesday, June 12th for their Best Teef In the Game Tour. The rapper is on tour in support of his new album Ventura.  The entire Dallas music scene spent the week anticipating the show; it was easy to say that Anderson .Paak was the talk of the town.

 Before Anderson .Paak hit the stage, the TV screens at the sides of the stage glitched and went black and the whole audience started screaming thinking Anderson .Paak was about to hit the stage.  After a while the screens came back on with more previews for upcoming shows.  Finally the whole room went black and a trumpet started playing.  The stage lit up and The Free Nationals started playing.  Suddenly the drums could be heard. The drum set lifted up from inside of the stage and everyone could finally see Anderson .Paak.  The whole audience was ecstatic and cheering.

Everyone loved the concert, and it's easy to say Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals have a big fanbase in Dallas that would love for him to come back again.


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