The Polarity's Taylor Hearne on "Skinny Jeans," Upcoming Album, and the Future

Photo: Bess Ophelia Creative

Let's get right into your new single "Skinny Jeans." In your own words, what would you say the song is about?

On our last record, I feel like most of our songs were sad and emotional. I wanted to make something different that expressed the joys of new found love, not songs about dwindling, sad, old flames. It's simply about meeting your significant other for the first time and the fun experiences that surround that.

What was the songwriting process like for "Skinny Jeans?" Any stories or interesting details?

The song honestly came together so quickly. I couldn't get the chorus "could yuh could yuh" out of my head so I picked up my guitar, started tracking a demo, sent it to our producer and the rest of the band, and we all mutually agreed that it "bopped." Once I figured out what the song was going to be about lyrically, it literally only took me a couple hours to write the lyrics. I guess when you have something that needs to be said, it all comes out so naturally. With previous songs I had written, sometimes lyrics felt so forced and unnatural. It was a nice change of pace for this to come together so quickly.

How does this song differ from the rest of your discography?

Our first EP, When It's Over, came out in 2014 (it has since been removed from most music outlets because so much has changed with the band). But that EP has such a special place in my heart—it was written in high school, nothing but a fun time of my life. Everything following that EP has been more serious, depressing, and emo. I wanted to go back to my roots of making music for the sake of fun and having a good time. I think that's how this song differs from most of the music we have today.

Is this track part of a larger release? If not, what's coming next for The Polarity?

We were going to announce this later, but now is as good of a time as ever. We are about to start recording our next album. "Skinny Jeans" is a standalone track, but it helped inspire us to write more. We don't expect to release anytime soon, as we are going to pitch the finished product to labels, but at least we are finally at a point where we are making more new music.

Speaking of the future: What are your current goals for the band?

We have yet to tour out of our state. Touring costs a lot of money, and you also need enough fans to fill out venues—we think we have finally reached a point where both are viable options. Besides that, we're just looking to grow creatively and musically as a band. We don't want our next release to sound exactly the same as our previous releases; we want it to have its own sound and own style.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

It was a surprising moment, but the most memorable moment of our music career has to be our album release show for Sugarcoat last November. Sugarcoat had only been out for a few weeks, but when we played the show, random strangers came and knew every single word to every song. And they weren't just singing along, they were SCREAMING the words. It was a surreal experience, definitely something all artists dream of achieving one day. That show shook me; I thought about it every day the following week. The release show came at the right time because after the release of the record, I was debating whether or not I wanted to throw in the towel with Polarity. It was because of that show that I knew I wanted to do music for the rest of my life.


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