Premiere: Ursae—“Del Mar” (SR Exclusive)

Ursae is the indie-pop soiree of singer/songwriter Andy Campbell. The project's most recent endeavor, "Del Mar," is a summer-tinged exploration of love and nostalgia. You can pre-save the song here, officially releasing Friday, but keep scrolling for an exclusive listen to the track via Suburban Rose Magazine.

"'Del Mar' is like, looking back on the first time you tried to love someone, and seeing very clearly how bad you fucked it all up, haha," Campbell explains. "I was revisiting all these beautiful places around San Francisco that I hadn't been to since the summer before I moved to New York. There's this one cut we would go to watch the sunset that was like an abandoned artillery base from WWII or something; basically a big concrete box on the coast. You could get to it from this trail off of Camino Del Mar—hence the title. But seeing all these date-spots again made me sorta wistful, like maybe it would've worked out if I'd been a little more mature."

"Del Mar" is the product of months of reflection from Campbell. "Usually I try to go lyrics-first, but that was the very last thing to come together on this one. I was working on this beat for a while— which was all re-recorded for the final version—and I even had a full melody figured out that I sort of hummed wordlessly to make a demo. I sat on that for months before I was in the right headspace to find a story that felt right for the music."

And the music? An all-new foray for Ursae. "'Del Mar' is for sure the most driving and intense song I've put out so far. The bass guitar really helps with that; it just takes that groove and lays it the fuck down. Big shoutout to Jeremy McDonald, who is a killer bass player and producer." He goes on to describe the track as "just continual motion and forward momentum," an aspect we find to translate phenomenally to the listener. "I never thought I'd be writing songs like that, but I'm excited to keep pushing myself and see what's next."

All this combined makes "Del Mar" an addicting track that deserves to be blasted as we settle into summer. Thankfully, Campbell's goal with the release fits wonderfully in this narrative. 

"I hope that 'Del Mar' takes listeners back to whatever their version of that story is—the thrill of being young and inexperienced and trying and failing at something like love for the first time. 'Cause sometimes we need to revisit that stuff to remember how much we've grown. That's how I feel, at least. It helps to put things in perspective." On a less weighted note, Campbell adds, "But more than anything, I hope 'Del Mar' makes people bop their heads."

Check out Ursae:


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