Massachusetts' Shallow Pools Speak on Beginnings and Songwriting Process

Introducing Shallow Pools, an alternative/pop rock band from Massachusetts that consists of members Jess Gromada, Glyniss Brennan and Ali Ajemian. Our head photographer Gabby was able to have a chat with Shallow Pools and even take some portraits in Harvard Square.

For starters, where/when did you guys decide to start a band together?

Jess: Well, Glyniss and I met in middle school. We played music together but just covers, and then we met Ali at the end of high school. Then about three years ago we started writing but we didn't actually [form] Shallow Pools until about a year ago.

Since you met in middle school, would you say you were passionate about music at a young age and could see yourselves pursuing music at such an early age?

All of SP: Definitely.

Glyniss: Absolutely 100%. I was that little baby that always said, "Mom I wanna be on American Idol!"

What is your writing process and do you guys have certain roles?

Ali: Jess writes guitar, then I'll add drums, then bass. We do melodies last and then we write lyrics super last minute.

Jess: Yeah! We all get together in like a grocery store or a cafe and just write.

Would you say that those are your safe spots or even the places that get your juices flowing?

SP: We have to be somewhere that's not our home because we're so unproductive and suddenly we're watching Youtube. But when we go out we know we have to be out by a certain time so we get it done.

So who influences your writing/music overall?

SP: Paramore, Movements (especially lyrically), but it really depends. At the moment we listen to a lot of Pale Waves but it's really whatever we're listening to!

Is there anyone that you would want to work with within the music industry?

SP: We worked with Chris Curren and he is amazing. We definitely want to keep working with him! Lyric-wise, the lead singer from Movements, Patrick Miranda, is such a talented songwriter so that would be great!

When you guys formed Shallow Pools did you go into this with a certain mindset to have your music be in a certain genre?

SP: We've always leaned more towards the alternative genre because we never wanted to be pop stars but we just wanted to be in a band.

What are you doing when you're not making music?

SP: We all have full-time jobs but we're really always making music. I'll think of like a hook and start singing into my phone.


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