Gallery: Cure Rock 2019—Young Rising Sons + More on 3/29/19

The Young Rising Sons, The Telephone, and Zoob all played on March 29th for Cure Rock 2019, a non-profit dedicated to fighting childhood cancer through live music. The night at Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh consisted of live music, auctions, t-shirts, and a couple of personal anecdotes from young cancer survivors. All proceeds went back to Cure Rock and their efforts to raise awareness and fight childhood cancer. The vibrant music from the artists in addition to the inspiring stories of the young cancer survivors made it a night to remember. Listening to kids tell their story of how they had survived the worst was a very sobering experience. As New Jersey’s Young Rising Sons put it during their set: “those kids are the real badasses.” The night ended with Young Rising Sons playing a stripped down version of High—one of the young audience members' “favorite” song of theirs. Watching how music can unite people is in my mind exactly what music is all about.

The Telephone Line


Young Rising Sons


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