FEATURED: SWMRS Partner with Vevo to Showcase Two Live Performances

SWMRS Vevo Live Suburban Rose

Something special has come off the heels of SWMRS’ awesome sophomore release, Berkley’s On Fire, which I praised highly in my recent review. SWMRS, as you may know, was birthed out of the California Bay Area scene and quickly gained a following based on their early records under their old name. After rebranding, they were able to score tours with bands as big as All Time Low and gain an excellent amount of exposure. They recently were signed to Fueled By Ramen who house bands such as Panic! At the Disco and previously Fall Out Boy (you get the idea, it's a big deal). If you don’t know who they are, luckily they have teamed up with Vevo (and subsequently partnered with us to feature the videos) to showcase two incredible live session performances. So, please, take a trip to indie rock heaven with us as I break down what makes these live performances so great.

To those who read my review of the record, you know that "Too Much Coffee" was one of the songs I felt was the most forgettable. The live performance that they have presented to us, though, is a testament to how every time I listen to these boys, they get better and better. Needless to say, the performance changed my mind about the tune and made it even more enjoyable. The group vocals during the chorus are something that hooked me in for sure and the way they invoke so much life within a mostly mellow song is astounding. The entire aesthetic of this video (and the other as well) is very fitting, with the boys rocking a too cool for school look. While they may not smile the whole time, it is clear they are so passionate about what they do and have so much fun doing it. I applaud them for being able to breathe new life into a song just through performance. The only possible criticism I have is that Max’s singing is a little quiet, but hey, like he says, I won’t tell him how to sing the song. 

Flipping it over to Cole on the lead vocals, the second song we have is "April in Houston." This track was a surefire highlight of the initial album, and of course, the performance only accentuates what made the song so great in the first place. The passion of this song is presented in a whole new light with Cole’s eclectic performance style shining through. Turning red in the face and falling off his seat, we can tell that he just wants to put on a show for the viewers. You believe every word that he is saying and know that he means it, especially that bit about modern music making him sick (made evident by his choice in t-shirt).

Everything about these two videos showcases that the boys in SWMRS are doing things that no one else in the scene has quite pulled off. They are fun to watch and they have the songs to back it up. Songs, I should add, that don’t sound like anyone else who is out right now. If you can’t get out to see them live or don’t know what to expect, go to these videos first. The performance quality improves the already fantastic songs in every aspect. While these two songs don’t give off the greatest of energy, they are extremely fun and somehow showcase the band’s passion in ways much deeper than just expression. My descriptions for sure don’t do it justice. Bands like SWMRS are doing what they do for all the right reasons. They want to connect with people and they want to make sure that their fans are happy. From following them on social media I know that they care so much about their fans, making sure to let them know that when they come to a SWMRS show it is a 100% safe space. With people like this on the rise, hopefully, the alternative music scene will start to build a good reputation. As far as I’m concerned, they are the frontrunners of the indie/alt rock scene and I predict that they’ll be huge in the next few years.


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