Review: The Forum Release New Song "Melt Away"

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Florida's own The Forum have been slowly but surely carving a space out for themselves since they first hit the scene in 2017, and their newest single, "Melt Away," is yet another exciting step forward.

Released just this past Friday, "Melt Away" is the first release from the band since their last single, "Dive," in July 2018. Perhaps it's fitting that it dropped in March; seemingly mirroring the tumultuous weather of this time of year, the song speaks to changing both for better and for worse and its necessary role in our social lives. Thoughtful and poetic, yet still at times painfully relatable, "Melt Away" creates a perfect storm.

Much like their earlier releases, The Forum continue to highlight their guitar-heavy style within the track. "Melt Away" opens by introducing some of its biggest elements: a constant, pulsing chord progression and echoes of a later grandiosity. The pinnacle of this arrives three and a half minutes in, where a solo brings the electricity of the track to its peak, reminiscent of contemporaries like Finish Ticket and The Wombats.

Lyrically, the song is malleable. The band sings of an evident shift in a social dynamic, how "now you can't inhale me / and now you've got me wondering." Though clearing stemming from personal experience, it speaks to a universal audience- there's hardly a person out there who hasn't felt the conflict of a faltering relationship. It hinges on the fact that we, as people, all need companionship, and eloquently explores the idea of it.

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The song's imagery is among its most impactful aspects. The chorus describes a need to "melt the snow and hope the ghosts will go a little quicker," and the motifs of snow and fire artfully enhance the song's broader themes. True to its title, "Melt Away" ebbs and flows like a poem, naturally winding its way into listener's minds well after it's over.

As winter fades into spring and summer 2019 waits on the horizon, The Forum set a high bar for other releases, and excitement for the year to come. The buzz "Melt Away" has generated in the independent music scene is warranted, to say the least. Hopefully, this is just the start of yet another groundbreaking year for one of the current best bands out of Gainesville.

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