New Jersey Band MALIBU Talk New EP, Future Shows, & More

With having just released their brand new EP Dangerous Valentine, Malibu are getting ready for the future. They're even set to open for well-known indie rock band The Stolen at their Asbury Park, NJ show in June. Get to know more about Malibu and what's next for them by reading our chat below.

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Over the past few months, you guys have gained a lot of fans. What has the new support meant to you?

The amount of local support we’ve started to receive means the world to us. We’re just happy that we’re able to share our music with so many people and hope to start expanding beyond the Jersey scene soon. 

Tell us more about Dangerous Valentine. What was the inspiration behind it?

The message behind DV is mainly about toxic relationships and that feeling of what's next after a relationship ends. It really explores the feeling of being addicted to someone or some feeling and then losing it all. In terms of musical inspirations, we used a lot of elements from bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Band Camino, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

Your most streamed song on Spotify is "Brighter Blue." Did you expect that kind of response?

Not at all! "Brighter Blue" was the first song we ever wrote so we really had no expectations for it. Thankfully it sort of took off and really helped us get our name out there.

What was your process like for creating Dangerous Valentine

We recorded all of Dangerous Valentine in our house, so whenever we didn't have classes during the day we would be recording the guitars or vocals in Ray's room or James's room. Nothing was ever perfect so we were constantly fixing errors and trying to get the best sound. We also worked a lot with Joston from the band Youthfool who mixed and mastered the record. 

                                                      Credit to @caliimusic

Out of all the songs you’ve written, what has been the most meaningful to you guys and why?

"No Color!" It pretty much sums up the first year of us being a band. The song tells a story of all the previous songs we released before DV and it showcases the ideas that we had in our heads when writing "Holly" or "Broken Line." 

A fan wants to know: Would there ever be a Dangerous Valentine tour?

Hopefully there will be! We are trying to book some shows in the summer so stay on the lookout for those.
                                                      Credit to Zach Deloach

How is your relationship with music? Are you all invested into wanting to keep the band going forever?

We have a very strong relationship with music, and it’s a huge part of all out of lives. Ray, James, and Scott are music industry majors so their careers will definitely involve music. Of course, it would be amazing to play forever so we will just have to see how things go after college. 

As a band, do you all contribute to the songwriting and production processes? 

We all contribute to the writing process. Usually, Scott comes up with lyrics and a melody and then everyone writes their own part to match the melody. Ideas are constantly being bounced off each other so that everyone is happy with the sound.

What would you say your favorite part of performing is?

Our favorite part of performing would be the live feedback from the fans. When we see the crowd dancing and really getting into our music, that pumps us up and we perform with more energy. We are constantly running around the stage, falling, or tackling each other, so having that energy is very important.

                                                     Credit to Alyssa Marie

Can we expect a MALIBU album in the future?

Yes, we do have a plan for an album in the future, but for the next couple months, expect some singles dropping. 

What’s happening next for you guys?

We really don't know. We want to tour the US and get our music out there to anyone that can enjoy it so we will keep working towards that. For now, we usually play local gigs whenever we can, so expect to see us around the Jersey area a lot in the coming months!

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