Kelc Galluzo of Jetty Bones Talks "-"

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Hyphens are meant to bridge both words and worlds, and Kelc Galluzo of Jetty Bones was fully aware of this when naming the band's latest EP, "-." Described as a musical bridge between her journey to healthier interpersonal bonds and a future colored by close friends, "-" stands as a testament to personal growth.

"The punctuation plays a big role in representing what these songs to me," says Kelc on both the title of the EP and the various punctuation marks present in its song titles, "but I don’t want to divulge those details quite yet. I want to give people an opportunity to create their own connections to the tracks first."

From the EP's opening track "better," the listener is certainly tempted to glean meaning from both the songwriting and lyricism. The song itself starts off with strong hints of influence from electronica, something that Kelc has drawn from in earlier works that really shines through on "-." "I’ve always written in this style and decided it was time to start embracing myself as an artist and ignore the fear of potential negative responses," she admits.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is certainly "the part:." It's slower, raw, and even includes a sample from... Siri. "I swear everything is fine," the voice repeats, followed by an onslaught of unsent messages read aloud, and a final, poignant, "Ready to send it?" Kelc explains that this sample was placed with a high degree of intent. "I wanted to use that sample of Siri to show how easy it is to use technology to hide behind. It’s a lot easier to say things are fine, to type and delete what you really mean over and over again before deleting it to avoid conflict." In an age where our relationships are dictated hugely by the burgeoning mask of the internet, "the part:" nails down what it means to love in the time of the iPhone.

Overall, "-" is a fabulous representation of what Jetty Bones is. "It's a step closer to what I want this project to be; lyrically and sonically it’s the most authentic representation of my brain that I’ve released, a fact that is equally as terrifying as it is exciting. If you connect with the story being told on this EP, you aren’t broken. Processing experiences and emotions can leave you in a place where you feel irrational and isolated. You’re not crazy, you’re just growing. I was, too. This is my story, and I can’t wait to hear yours."

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