Sleep House — 'There Is No Time for Romance' // Track by Track Review


“Through my eyes, there’s nothing left to hide”

The opening track to the new Sleep House EP is filled with heavy instrumentals and powerful lyrics.

This song is something you’d wanna listen to while on a long drive on an open road. The mix between the drums and the techno feel really gives off a very indie-rock vibe.

“Moonlight roaming, don’t let me down... I’m calling for you, I’m falling for you.”

This beautiful song gives the perfect insight to what the rest of the EP will sound like.

"In My Head"

The first few seconds start off similar to "Moonlight" with the reverb and echo, almost gospel-like, that immediately goes to the sick guitar riff. The guitars and drums on this track are so powerful and I love every second of it.

“With your headaches and your heartbreak, I know exactly what you’re thinking”

This is a post-breakup love song that depicts the struggle of trying to get that person out of your head along with all the things they’ve ever said and done. "In My Head" is the kind of song that belongs on a mixtape you make for dealing with an ex. Magic....


This song is reminiscent of  "She Lays Down" by The 1975. It makes the listener want to play it while looking out a window thinking about someone they miss... you know, like in those dramatic movie montages?

“I can’t help but fall apart, and think back to the very start, way back to when I felt alive”

That lyric HIT me. I went back over and over just so I could hear it again.

I would say more about this song but I’m just speechless. It’s so adorable and addicting, it's no wonder it has 10k streams on Spotify. (...that was me, I was all 10k streams.)

"Follow You"

The drums, the phone call part... this song blows my mind. "Follow You" is the kind of song that you share with your friends and eventually becomes that one anthem you all jam out to together.

“You know I’m insane and I would follow you”

The way this song develops and how the progression is executed is obsession-worthy. The break for the phone call interlude is perfectly placed, and the way that the song ends abruptly makes one savor the vocals just a little bit more.


"Dizzy" is the perfect ending to this story of romance. The ending, which is filled with beautiful sounds, perfectly closes this chapter of the incredible EP.

“She’s got a face that’s deceiving, almost forgot that she’s leaving, hope that this is when we come around”

Upon further analysis, it can be said that the whole EP is a story. "Moonlight" represents the start of a relationship, and falling for that one person. Next is "In My Head," which portrays a part of the relationship or break up where you can’t get that person out of your head no matter how hard you try. Then there’s "Her," which is, simply put, about that girl who was in your head and made you feel alive, and how after it’s over you’re longing to just go back to the beginning. "Follow you" then depicts a situation where you’re so crazy over this one person that you’d do anything for them and that you’d follow them anywhere they may go. Lastly is "Dizzy," which is the final chapter of this story of a modern-day romance. It presents the feeling of being infatuated with this person to the point that they make you so dizzy. "Dizzy" shows what happens after this relationship and how the lover is still the only one who can make you feel the way you felt before.

Getting to listen to an EP like There Is No Time for Romance really opened my eyes to how talented the youth truly is. The fact that Sleep House are able to use their insane musical talent along with  possible personal experiences as inspiration for their music shows how successful they are gonna be.

I may be biased because I love these boys as people and musicians, but I'd say Sleep House are gonna be the next big thing, and I'll be so happy to say I knew them when.

Make sure you go listen to the rest of the discography on all streaming platforms and follow them on all their socials!


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