Ocean Heights Speak On Upcoming Single And How They Became A Band

New Jersey-based band Ocean Heights took the time to talk to us about how they became a band, their future plans and more. Make sure to check out their music on all streaming platforms!

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi hi hi, we’re Ocean Heights from New Jersey. We consist of Justin the singer, Young Frank the guitar man, Tylor the keyboard guy, Carboni the bass fella, and Jake.

Photo by: Kristina Peders 

As a band from the east coast, do you find that the west coast and their music is glamorized?

Justin: I don’t think I’d say glamorized, it seems like the opportunities are just more available over there. I wouldn’t be opposed to switching coasts one of these days.

How would you define your style of music? Do you guys follow any type of genre or aesthetic?

Young Frank: That’s the hardest question for us because we're always making something different; but generally, it’s some cross between indie rock with some old school RNB habanero sauce on it or some hip-hop poppy catchy feel-good jawns.

How did you guys become a band? Where did the name "Ocean Heights" come from?

Justin: We’re just a couple of high school pals that started jamming one day. Our name came from a legendary game of Simon Says conducted by our tuba player Tylor.

Out of all of the music you've put out, what song(s) do you like the best and why?

Justin: My favorite is our new jam that’s dropping in a few days, "Out the Way." It’s got that butter on it, [you] know what I’m saying?

Photo by: Connor Murrray

Going back to your roots, do you find your hometown to be a musical place? How does it compare to some major cities?

Young Frank: Not at all, our hometown is quite devoid of anything artistic, but in a way that’s been a drive for us. At first, we’re just a bunch of mooks making music to pass the time and we fell in love with it.

If you write a song or go on tour with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Young Frank: I would want to go on tour with Quavo, he seems like a kind guy.

As a band, do you guys like many of the same artists? Has your band been influenced by anyone in particular?

Tylor: We definitely listen to a lot of the same stuff. We’ve each got our own private catalog but we share a lot. We discover music mostly through each other.

What does the future look like for 'Ocean Heights'?

Justin: Well, tonight we’re going to get Buffalo Wild Wings. After that, we’re going to drop a bunch of singles until it’s warm and then tour until we’re out of money. 

Photo by: Justin Wilkerson 


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