Vox Arcanum On The Concept Behind "The Tragedy of the Locke Family" Videos

Source: Matthew Saunders

Thank you for taking the time to chat with Suburban Rose Mag. First off, what got you into creating music?

Vox Arcanum: I think I can speak for all the members when I say it's the inherent need to create. For us[,] The Vox Arcanum is a vessel for our creativity in not just the musical field, but [in] all forms. Writing and story development are an immense aspect of the band that influences our musical themes and lyrical tonality. Even on the visual side of things, we have plenty of concept art that captures the very essence of the stories we put to music. Our very own bassist [Gerry Neri] actually designed our debut album cover for Of Time and Fate, symbolism and all. And even just recently we tried our hand at a directorial debut with our most recent trilogy of videos that chronicle one of the sagas within the album - "The Tragedy of the Locke Family."

In three words, how would you explain your music to first time listeners?

VA: Thematic, Melodic, Interconnected

What has been your favorite song you've ever created/released and why?

VA: Not gonna lie, it's almost like picking a favorite child, haha. So much goes into each and every one of our songs, which includes crafting the most unique identity possible for their thematic significance within our mythos. But it honestly has to be between "O'Ryan's Death Wish" and "Avon." On the one hand, "ODW" is our magnum opus. It's a nearly ten minute-long song with many unique phases and distinct qualities that include genre fusion and ultimate story-telling through instrumentation - a true testament and love letter to each of our members' writing potential. And on the other hand we have "Avon"... a concise, explosive, energetic, and immersive roller coaster of emotions that sums up our greatest strengths into a neat progressive hard rock package. But hey, we gave the music video to that song so maybe "Avon" is our favorite.

The concept behind your trilogy of videos is so cool! Explain your concept of the trilogy of videos you have released.

VA: There are many stories within our album, and the trilogy we released revolves around just one, "The Tragedy of the Locke Family." In the mythos we have created, The Vox Arcanum himself is an immortal being that wanders the universe influencing time and fate. He has existed for eons and has seen the beginning and the end of the universe countless times - and yearns to see possibilities even he can't fathom. He does so by sowing the seeds of change in those with free will.

This circumstance follows the events of a gothic murder/mystery set in the 1800's. A man is searching for the murderer of his wife and has no idea the culprit is none other than his own sister - filled with jealousy and rage. He is destined to die but The Vox Arcanum warns him of his future and gives him the choice. "Kill or be killed," and so sets forth the enigma akin to the butterfly effect. Our official music video reveals how it all ends.

This calls to the core themes in our music, those of fate, destiny, and the illusion of choice. What is real? And who, or WHAT, is The Vox Arcanum?

[See video here: The Vox Arcanum - The Tragedy of the Locke Family: Avon]

Lastly, any last words or something you would like to tell our readers here at Suburban Rose?

VA: Pursue your passions, artistic or otherwise. Your life is yours alone to command and you cannot wait for things to be perfect before you say its your turn to try. Life waits for no one, and there is no time like the present to begin the journey that is your dream. Wield your fate, change your destiny, and become what you have always wanted to be - because it is who you have always been. Our music is passion project self-funded by its members and is the truest realization of what we as a unit have always wanted to be. Creatives that want to share our story and art with the world. Thank you.

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