Domino Discusses Newest Project 'Bored Games' And Future Tour Plans

What does it feel like to finally release the songs on your newest music project Bored Games? How does this one differ from past projects?

Well, I think as any type of artist, it is a very odd sensation when putting out any new work... its such a unique experience. We create [music] from moments, so, these songs are really just photographs of the situation[s] we were in when creating it. That entire process is really special, so to then put that work and memory out to the world, for anyone to hear, is quite nerve-wracking. I have put out a lot of music in the last 5-6 years since I started and the act of releasing music never gets easier. Dropping Bored Games, however, was special. My laptop had gotten stolen, with a lot of the original session files of the songs. Luckily, my friends Alex Moore and Gabe Morales of Galexy Studios took me in and we sat in their studio for 2+ months finalizing the songs and really evolving them to where they are currently. At one point, I remember just wanting to put the songs out as they were and everyone surrounding me reassured me that patience would be ideal in that situation, so I stuck it out, haha. I think it differs from my past project releases because of those hurdles and that long process which I am now very grateful for. My last project, Gradients, I dropped very calmly and with a lot of preparation. The release for Bored Games was a sprinting marathon, haha.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist so far in your career?

Balancing life. Simply that. It is so difficult to find balance in this hyper distracted world we live in. We intake SO MUCH information in one single swipe, let alone a few hours of scrolling, and I think that that plays a part in a young independent artists ability to find any sort of balance. Family, friends, simply finding time/energy to create, relationships, marketing, art design, social media branding... let alone how to add in paying the rent, eating and staying healthy in the mind, body, and soul. Every day I am learning more about how to balance, and when to balance what. I used to obsess on my art in an unhealthy way... not getting up for hours to even eat. I learned, the hard way, that that is no way to have a long lasting ability to create, constantly. So I see now that sometimes, I might not create for a few weeks. Other times, I am creating multiple things a day for weeks, haha. But in the end, I think being aware of oneself and the reality of the situation and not getting caught up in our own fears and insecurities is the ultimate way to not only find balance, but keep it.

In one single sentence, how would you explain your music to first-time listeners?

It's a blend of rap, poetry and fire beats, where I speak whatever my truth is in that moment.

On days that you are lacking motivation or maybe even having writer's block, what are some ways you personally get re-inspired to create?

I will keep this one short, because it doesn't need much explanation. I meditate, I journal, I go on walks, I exercise and I spend time with the people I love, doing what we love.

Do you have any live shows or tours coming up in the near future? If so, where can our audience catch you performing?

I do! I do shows each month, sometimes multiple times a month, in Los Angeles, which is where I am currently based. However! For those not in LA, I am planning a small California tour for Bored Games, where we will hit places between LA and Sacramento. I'm bringing along an amazing group of dancers with me, The Gentle Ladies, who are a collective of women empowering through dance and movement, and will also have some amazing performers alongside me for each show. I plan on getting some momentum from that in order to bring the show to other states, cities, and countries in 2019. In the talks so far is Portland, New York, and Italy, which is SO exciting. But, other than that, I constantly do live streams on my Instagram where I make songs live and perform songs; I plan on doing live streams for the future Bored Games shows, which will be on my website!

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