Wilderado's Max Rainer Talks Songwriting & Small Towns in Texas

Wilderado’s gorgeous new EP Favors is defined by that gorgeous collision of beauty and imperfection that encapsulates humanity. The Tulsa band is made up of lead singer/guitarist Max Rainer, bassist/vocalist Colton Dearing, guitarist/vocalist Tyler Wimpee, and drummer Justin Kila. Suburban Rose recently spoke with Max about their fall tour, origins, and more.

Can you introduce yourself for our readers?
Yeah! I’m Max, and the other guys are Justin, Tyler, & Colton, and we’re Wilderado!

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Just by listening to your music I can tell you guys are absolutely incredible songwriters; what’s your favorite part of writing?

Thank you so much, that’s so nice! I think the best part of songwriting is getting to hear something that’s so special to yourself, and you get that moment when you hear the melody and the guitar part and you get a feeling like this could be something more than just lyrics.

Your most streamed song on Spotify is “Morning Light"! Did you ever expect that song to do so well?

Oh no, never [laughs]. Yeah no... I’ve never expected that at all. I’ve always loved that song, and I don’t think any of us actually expected that, honestly. We’re just trying to write things that we actually enjoy.

  "Morning Light" has over 6 million streams on Spotify.

A fan on Twitter wants to know: What’s the most exciting thing about getting to play a music festival vs smaller shows?

It’s just cause there are so many people there! And you have such an opportunity to get to play in front of people who would’ve never listened to you or seen you in the first place. You know everyone is there to see as much music as they can and it’s a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to new fans, and people who’ve been wanting to see you, which is great! I think it’s a great culmination of those two things honestly. It’s just an overall great energy there. You get to be a part of the moment with the crowd too.

How has it been getting to tour with Sure Sure so far? Is there anywhere you’re excited to go to that you haven’t been before?

We’re so excited to get to tour with them; they’re so incredible. But yeah we’re super excited to get to play your city [Philadelphia] to tell you the truth! Every time we’ve been in Philly we’ve seen some crazy thing happen with the little kids riding bikes [laughs]. We love Brooklyn, we love Pittsburgh, uh, what else... There are so many places we’re excited to go to, and this trip is going to be fun because we’re playing larger markets and cities, where way more bands come through and the fans there love going and supporting live music.

Sure Sure + Wilderado tour dates

Can you explain how you guys became a band and where your name was originated from?

Yeah! The band name originated from a huge sign in West Texas; there’s a little town called “Wilderado” and we were having to come up with the band name, and there it was! We thought it was a cool word and no other band existed under that name, or information on that word. So we thought it was a good idea to create an idea off of that word. It was pretty great.

Do you think that your own personal music tastes have influenced the way the band's music sounds?

Oh yeah, for sure! I’d have to say so because writing the melodies and lyrics takes from my personal influences as a songwriter and getting to be a part of the overall sound of the band. Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about it!

A fan wants to know why you choose the cover art for all of your songs. Was it just very visually appealing or was it a part of an aesthetic?

Well, we love every aspect of branding, and that’s the fun part about being in a band, that you get to control all the visuals and the sound as well. Yeah, we’re super particular about all that stuff, and our drummer does a large majority of the designs and he’s been a huge influence on all of our tastes as far as that goes. And it’s just something we always think about and he’s amazing at doing it, so it’s been good.

Yeah, it really grabs your attention and interest before you even listen to the song! When you see the cover art it makes you want to listen even more!

That’s exactly what we’re going for, honestly.

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Make sure to check out Wilderado on their fall tour in a city near you!

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