Staff Picks: 2018 Quarter 3 Wrap-Up (Foxing, Arlie, lovelytheband, + More)

Quarter 3 of 2018 was full of so many amazing releases that it might be hard to keep track of them all, but don't worry. The staff of Suburban Rose Magazine have compiled a list of some of our favorite releases since July.

Sandra Garcia

Arlie - Wait

I’ll be honest: I first heard “big fat mouth” on Coin’s HWYKIYNT playlist well over a year ago. I’m not sure for how long I ended up listening to it on repeat after, though, and when Arlie’s next single (“didya think”) came out toward the end of the year, the same thing happened. And then the same with the fantastically named “” (not featured on the EP) earlier this year—and you get the point, maybe. The point here is that it was so easy for me to connect with each of Arlie’s singles as they were released because they are so expertly crafted, both lyrically and musically. And so when Wait came out, seemingly with no prior warning, I was elated. I listened to it, fell in love with it, and listened to it again and again. There are two tracks on it that are brand new, and my favorite of the bunch is one of these two; “too long” is situated halfway through the EP and it is sad and sweet and soft. This is a stark contrast to the two tracks preceding it, and yet every one of these tracks is different from the other. It never feels like you’re sitting through a mix created by a bunch of amateurs in their neighbor’s bathroom. It is so well-done that I can’t find a single thing that I dislike about it. I cannot recommend it enough.

Foxing - Nearer My God

Is it emo? Is it art rock? Whatever your preferred label is, It's no question that Foxing have delivered their best, most concise work with this record. These tense songs operate on particularly short fuses, feeling as if they could cause a nerd-rock eruption at any given moment. Foxing have refined their sound to make their songs as gripping as possible. A listen to this record can be summed up best as a searing hot knife cutting through soft, emotional butter.
Acts of Fear and Love is Slaves' third album but the first record of theirs that I really got into. It is definitely different than the last two albums they released, lyrically and stylistically. I think it has really great potential for an awesome live set for this next tour. 

Taylor Brielle

The Story So Far - Proper Dose

Proper Dose was released on September 21, 2018, which coincidentally was the first day off Fall 2018. I'd like to say it's the perfect album to listen to as you transition yourself from summer jams to autumn tunes. This album caught me by surprise because is so different from their previous self-titled album that was released back in 2015. TSSF's vocalist, Parker Cannon, took a much smoother approach to his vocals on this album and not gonna lie, it took me a few listens to get used to it. Definitely don't hate it. This will be an album you'll catch yourself listening to on repeat, for sure!
After so much wait, this EP was a welcome surprise. It preaches so much emotion and energy in so few songs, and the variety in it is astounding. I personally cannot stop listening to it because it's very much Hozier's style, but takes his trademarks and reinvigorates them with new techniques.

Bethany Camp

Future Generations - Landscape

“All The Same,” the first single released from Landscape, was my favorite song of the summer, so I was so excited to hear what else Future Generations had in store for their sophomore album. The layering of instrumentals and vocals makes it feel like the sound is almost physically enveloping you, like being hugged by an old friend. This album feels nostalgic, yet also comforting. Landscape has only been out for about two weeks, but it’s already my go-to album to listen to when I’m having a bad day. I’ve always been a fan of albums that can make you dance and cry at the same time and this album is no exception. I can’t remember the last time I listened to an album that resonated with me so much and just generally puts a smile on my face.
Lovelytheband’s new album has 16 incredible songs on it including their big hits “Broken” and “These Are My Friends”.  Having formed the band in only 2016, these boys are really killing it with the amazing music they’re putting out.  I’ve had this album on repeat since it came out back in August. Give it a listen if you haven’t already! 
After two bubbly yet melancholic singles, “Forgotten Love” and “Queendom”, this first phase of AURORA’s new project is infected (pardon the pun) with her limitless talent and lyricism. It’s an 8 track production full of pure and limpid sounds, seeing a clear evolution in the singer’s voice too. It soothes the listener like a lullaby, and increases the curiosity towards what the future holds for her. Absolutely loved it.

Gabrielle Miranda

BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence

Brockhampton are really good at portraying feelings and they really showed all of their struggles in the past year in this album. I feel like even if you don’t like rap, Brockhampton are a must listen, especially iridescence!

Avery Karasiewicz

Christine and the Queens - Chris

In her sophomore album, Chris, Héloïse Letissier subverts her previous album’s sound, its heavier 80’s-inspired beats contrasting sharply with debut album Christine. The stylistic transformation between albums really makes me wonder about what future evolutions are in store. Give “Doesn’t matter,” my favorite track from the record a listen — I’ve had it on repeat for the past two months!

Brett Wodon

An Autumn for Crippled Children - The Light of September

Before this album, my two favorite releases of the quarter were Misery by The Amity Affliction and Ordinary Corrupt Human Love by Deafheaven. An Autumn for Crippled Children are on another level. The minute the main synth melody kicked in on the opening/title track, I knew that this album was something special. I had always heard of this band as a name to look out for in the blackgaze/post-metal scene, but never did I think that they would be capable of such stellar musicianship and even surpassing the likes of Deafheaven in the same span of 3 months. This album is full of energy while also retaining a beautiful melacholic atmosphere. The beautiful piano, the distorted synth, the subtle basslines, the catchy guitar lines, the varied drumming, the emotional vocal delivery... Everything lines up perfectly. I fell asleep listening to this album one night, and during the night I had a terrible, traumatic and emotional dream, and I one hundred percent attribute that to the album's sheer intensity and emotion.

Ian Bledsoe

Mothers’ Render Another Ugly Method is a musical anomaly in the best possible iteration. While being dreamy in nearly every sonic aspect, the record is just as equally ingrained in a sense of anxiety-rooted doom. Tracks like “PINK” and “BAPTIST TRAUMA” breathe an eternity’s worth of new life into the beaten-dead horses of indie rock and shoegaze. The band chemistry shown is infinitely evolved from their folk-tinged debut, and lead songwriter Kristine Leschper stands out more as a vocalist than ever, all making Mothers a true force to be reckoned with musically on Render Another Ugly Method.
East Atlanta Love Letter is 6lack's sophomore album featuring 14 incredible tracks. I was immediately impressed beyond my expectations with this album. 6lack brings a sound that I haven't heard in a while, mixing R&B and Rap genres effortlessly. He explains both sides of a relationship from both a female and male perspective. This is definitely the album that will put 6lack on the map for those who haven't already heard his music; he has all the right features on this album, from Future to Offset, J.Cole and Khalid.
Freshly signed to Epitaph records, Hunny released the highly anticipated musical sequel to Windows I, their last EP, early this July. Their sound has increased in maturity while still maintaining the fun indie-pop/rock sound that they've always been known for. From the rocking "Rebel Red" to the lo-fi ballad "Your Love Song, Pt. 1," every minute of this EP is highly enjoyable.


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