Spirit of the Bear Give 'Forests' A Comeback

Due to popular demand, Ohio indie-rock band Spirit of the Bear have re-released some redone tracks off of their Forests EP. The EP was previously removed from streaming services, but fans really wanted to hear those songs again. The band decided to remake some of those tracks and release them again, and it has proved to be a great decision on their part.

For people who haven’t heard Spirit of the Bear’s music before listening to these three tracks (myself included), this would be a great introduction to their sound. Their synth pop-esque style is masterfully mixed with indie rock coffee shop influences. Their vocals are partly reminiscent of Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots, and that is said in the best way possible. The melodies present in both of the tracks that have vocals are incredibly infectious and/or emotional. Opening track “Falling Down” is a nice instrumental intro that leads very well into “The Well.” I find that the aforementioned track is my favorite on the project. The production is spectacular throughout the entire project, and the upbeat nature is infectious. It immediately makes you feel really good and want to dance around.

The final track, “Forests,” is a low-key ballad that deals with life and memories of past experiences. I love the relation of life to a forest. While I enjoy “The Well” more, “Forests” provides a cool change of pace that showcases the group’s versatility. This EP is something that any fan of indie rock and synth pop music should give a spin; it is only eight minutes long, so listening to it at least once through won’t do anyone any harm. These guys clearly work hard and care about what they do with their music. As someone who typically listens to heavy music and intense stuff, it surprised me how much I enjoy the style that is presented here. The EP is hardly long enough to give a more in-depth analysis of, but what is given is truly great and exciting, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a quick but fun listen.


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