Melt Downer Talk “Alter The Stunt”, Writing Process and Difficulties

Melt Downer - Alter The Stunt 

Only little over a year has passed since Melt Downer, the Austria-based band that has been described as "drugrock," released their self-titled debut. Now they are back with their newest record Alter the Stunt. The three members have all been in several Austrian bands prior to Melt Downer; now the time had come for them to make music together. Music lovers who enjoy heavy instrumentals and  listening to music at full volume will love Melt Downer and this album.

What is it like to release the songs you’ve been working on for the past months into the world?

It’s the point where you finally let off your control, so that’s always thrilling. It’s also like making a sandwich for someone in the dark. You wanna do your best to make a great sandwich, but you can’t say if you took the right ingredients till you finally give it to your friend.

The three of you have played in different bands over the course of the years and have gained quite a lot of experience. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Stay true to your ideals and dreams and don’t be a copycat. Oh, and don’t forget the mustard!

What was the writing process for this album like?

Unlike our first record we wrote a major part of Alter the Stunt right in the studio [over] the course of four days. That made the songwriting way more spontaneous and gives the whole record a powerful yet loose vibe.
Do you have a favorite song of off your new album? 

Florian: "ASMR Crash" because of its dubby vibes.
Mario: "Quest" because of its primitive sound.
Wolfgang: "Clown" because it’s haunting.

© Susanne Schwarz

Did you face any difficulties during the recording process?

We recorded congas to every song and the struggle was to remove it from a few tracks afterwards to prevent the risk of a conga overdose.

You’re all working on different projects at the same time (e.g. Mile Me Deaf). Is it stressful to be in several bands of different genres simultaneously? Some musicians are overwhelmed from just being in one band, so I’d imagine you have a lot on your plates.

It’s okay. [You] just [have to] keep your schedule book clean and updated. [Also,] don’t forget to eat vegetables - [you're] gonna need the energy!

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

They can take what they want!

Nowadays, fans are integral for a band's survival in the music business. Who are you a fan of?

Vla, Dead End Friends, DIVES, Tents, Crush, Bulbul, Aivery, Clara Luzia, Bowling, Sandwiches...

Who designed the album art for Alter The Stunt? Does it have any special meaning? What was important to you when it came to creating the album art?

Wolfgang designed it. [We] wanted [the artwork] to look more “electronic” than something you would expect from a rock band. Plus we again worked with lines and geometrical shapes like on our first LP to somehow glue that together. 

© Susanne Schwarz

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