LIANA Dive In On Newest Track "Take It All"

In today's world of bedroom-pop, SoundCloud rap, and DIY as a genre, there is more opportunity than ever for self-sustained artists to have a place. For Dutch duo LIANA, this new-age music renaissance has created an outlet for their mysterious east-meets-west pop. The band, composed of sisters Lia and Lena Göçer, have not only written, composed, and directed a video for their first track "Psycho" but have also recently released a new song entitled "Take It All." With an EP in the works, it's clear that their aspirations are matched only by their own immense potential.

"Take It All" is very much a continuation of LIANA's trademark dark, mesmerizing sound, one that entrances listeners with its strong beats and Armenian and Turkish influences. It opens with a chord that transitions smoothly into traditional instrumentation, setting the stage and cuing audiences into the type of sound they can expect in the four-minute track. While they rarely stray from the back-and-forth between modernity and homage to their roots, the duo executes it without ever losing their edge or seeming formulaic. The flow of the song seems to fall into a sort of natural pattern, with the drums and synths feeding off of and emphasizing the power of the featured traditional instruments. The balanced ebb and flow creates an unparalleled depth of sound, gradually building layers until the eventual break at the two-and-a-half minute mark.

For every eerie tonal aspect of "Take It All," there is an equally drawing air in the lyricism. The title alone is an invitation, daring the listener to be involved in their own experience. Lyrics like, "You're the air I breathe, the only home my eyes can see" suggest an immense familiarity. A repetitive, breathy intonation reverberates between the sensuality of the verses, and the slight vocal distortions throughout create a dichotomy between the real and the distance between speaker and audience. The pure emotion and creative energy pumped into each line weaves what it means to be a human being into every second, making the song as much an exploration into emotion as it is an experiment in combining two stylistic extremities.

For fans of bands that make brooding pop with an edge, a la CHVRCHES and Florence + The Machine, LIANA is just a hop, a skip, and a jump away. They create other worlds full of emotion and depth and leave fans yearning for the next chapter of their musical saga. Their hands-on approach, in which the Göçer sisters take sole responsibility for everything from songwriting to video direction, highlights the attention to detail found throughout "Take It All." In the at-times unnavigable waters of today's music industry, LIANA are forging their own path, and they could very well be the trailblazers we need in the months to come.


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