Jack Vallier Talks About Tour & Sparkling Water

Source: @skip_greig on Instagram

On October 14th, Bournemouth singer Jack Vallier performed as an opener for Dermot Kennedy's sold out show at the O2 Academy in Oxford. With a 7 song-long set, Vallier amazed the audience thanks to his warm voice and melancholic lyrics. Being on a stage by himself with just his guitar and microphone before 1500 people must not have been easy, yet he comfortably performed and engaged in fun and sweet conversations with the crowd.

After the show, he stopped for a quick chat with Suburban Rose, between one hug and another.

This was the second time touring with Dermot Kennedy for him, but of course time changes a lot of things. One of the main differences is Vallier's confidence: "I'm a lot more confident; I'm not going into it terrified. This time, twenty sold out gigs in, is still kinda scary, but you know. My dad came to watch me today, [...] and he told me that I am so much better, I perfected my craft. So that's changed, just being better." And he was better: sometimes simplicity is more valuable than an elaborated stage production, and having a great voice is more of an instrument than having a band.

Jack Vallier's brand new single "Anyway" is out on all platforms, and it has been for about two months, but he still has many unreleased tracks that sound amazing live. Some titles are "Fair Fight", "You Wouldn't Know" and "If You Really Want Me." "I want to release them super soon," he said, "they are basically done, in terms of recording, so it's just figuring things out with people behind the scenes", he enthusiastically explained, and then laughed "I want to put them out tomorrow! But it doesn't really work like that..."

It is known that performing live has its perks, and we asked Jack what his favourite part of it was: "Free beer", he said jokingly, but then became serious again, "In terms of the whole 'artist' thing is playing live, because the thing is that you spend so long in the studio just writing and not knowing what people think about it... they could hate it for all you know. While when playing live you get an instant reaction, and I think this is my favourite thing, just seeing straight away whether people like it or not." The whole conversation moved very smoothly, and even though we were just standing in the cold after the show after a Nando's dinner it was very relaxed and fun. Almost like talking to a friend.

It being a very brief interview, the last question soon arrived: "If you could change anything right now, in your career, life, music... what would it be?" Vallier stopped in thought for a second, pondering the words to use, and probably having an inner reflection of his own, "I don't think I'd change anything, and I know it's such a cliche answer, but I am so happy with where I am right now. If I were stood outside a gig like this, which I wouldn't have dreamt of a year ago, and said 'I would change this, this, and this' it would feel a bit wrong." He then went on with a final ironic comment which lightened up the mood, "Maybe I'd make sure I knew what bottle was sparkling water in Europe... so I would drink less sparkling water, it's the devil's juice. If you drink sparkling water unfollow me right now."

We have clearly gathered that the young Jack Vallier is a pretty funny guy, but is there more to it? Absolutely yes. A kind soul and a bright talent, his lyrics are sad yet relatable, and it is common knowledge that sadness is particularly popular. Jack Vallier has a lot to give to the indie music environment, and it would be everybody's loss to not listen to what he has to offer.


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