Gallery: Years & Years, CYN, and Tunde Olaniran at The Lincoln Theatre in DC 10/11/18

Last Thursday Years & Years brought the Palo Santo tour to Washington DC at the Lincoln Theatre. Tunde Olaniran and CYN opened the show for them with Tunde taking the stage first. Watching his performance was truly an experience complete with choreographed dance moves and background dancers. Tunde’s powerful voice mixed with his infectious energy created a party atmosphere that brought so much life to the historic theatre. CYN performed next and there was no shortage of energy in her set either. She performed more upbeat and electronic songs such as “Only With You” as well as slower songs, like “I’ll Still Have Me,” which gave me chills. She can truly do it all. When Years & Years took the stage the crowd erupted with life. Olly’s charismatic stage presence made it an unforgettable set. The whole crowd was dancing and singing along to songs from their newest album Palo Santo as well as classic Years & Years songs from Communion. This was one of those concerts that reminded me how powerful music can be because it was a cathartic experience that brought all of these strangers in a room together based on their shared love of this music.

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