Female-Fronted LA Punk Rock band Tarah Who Talk Inspirations + Tour

Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals, Guitar
Joey Southern: Bass, Backing Vocals
Coralie Hervé: Drums, Backing Vocals

First and foremost, I love that you guys are a female-fronted band. We need more of those. What other female fronted bands would you say that you draw your inspiration from and why?

Hervé : I’m a big fan of Nightwish, a symphonic metal band, it’s a female fronted band and I love it!! I like that the music is kind of heavy and the female singing cut it through. Nightwish’s singer, Floor Jansen, is just amazing. I love her voice, so powerful!!!

Carpenter: haha! Thank you! Yes, we are a female fronted band and female drummer! Humm.. well I love the Distillers and anything Brody Dalle. I love her voice and her attitude, but I would not say that i am "drawing my inspiration" from her. I am just doing my own thing, I am sure that you can hear influences in our music from the Distillers, or pretty much anything 90's that I listened to, and also Motörhead (even if that is older...). I write songs because this is a way of expression. There are meanings behind each song and we work on our sound and overall music and show a lot. We don't play for fame or to sound or be like someone.

Southern: I have always been a fan of No Doubt. Great songwriting and groovy basslines!!! Tarah introduced me to the Distillers, L7 and Bikini Kill, who I have come to really like as well. I also never listened to Nightwish before meeting Coralie. Love them too!!!

Tarah Who is such an interesting name for a band. What is the story behind it?

Carpenter: ha! At the time [that the band formed] I was playing  a lot of shows in France. I had this new band that I got together and I didn't want to go by my solo name anymore. There was a French/Vietnamese rapper who started getting really popular, and we happened to have the same name. She hardly ever showed her face so people did not really know what she looked like. I started booking shows and promoters were either not accepting us because they thought we were her (she was rap and we were punk rock) or they disregarded the fact that I said that we were punk rock and were shocked to hear us play! It was getting too confusing so I thought of a few band names and emailed my bandmates to ask for their opinion. The subject of that email was "Tarah WHOOOO???" out [of] all of the names I had came up with, they all responded "What about Tarah Who?". We had a bunch of gigs lined up and we had to come up with a name fast, so we went for it and I never changed it.

If you were to explain your music to new listeners in one sentence, what would that be?

Hervé: If you want to have fun, listen to loud rock/punk and be entertained, come and rock with us!!!

Southern: Do not come with socks on, as a [fair] warning they will be officially blown off and indisposed.

Carpenter: LOLOL! Joey!!! I'd say: Raw, authentic, fast-paced guitars and hard-hitting drums or ...my favorite: from our fans:  "If Motörhead was fronted by Alanis Morissette"

What is your favorite song that you have written so far and why? 

Hervé: From our new EP, I really like "Copycat," it’s really fun to play !!

Carpenter: It is really hard to ask ME this question because each song has 2 stories: The main story, [with] the topic, the emotions, [and] the other story is how the song was created/ recorded so that YOU listeners can enjoy it. I don't have a favorite song because I don't record/release songs I don't like. If they didn't make the cut, they are just gone. I tend to keep songs too, because I don't... always write angry, fast songs. From our last EP, called "Half Middle Child Syndrome," I like "ACHE" a lot, but I think that it is also because our live version of the song is very entertaining. You can listen to "ACHE" on bandcamp, soundcloud, spotify, itunes, cdbaby etc...  https://soundcloud.com/tarahwho/ache
I really like "Numb Killer" too but I do not have a link for that one yet. The EP "64 Women" will come out soon and you will be able to listen to it on the same platforms.

Southern: The hardest song for me to learn when joining the band, back in April 2018, was "Linger".  Learning it within a few days was easy. Recording it for the new upcoming EP, "64 WOMEN," that same week was in a way terrifying. This [was] my first time recording with Tarah Who and I guess I just wanted it to be perfect. Listening back over the past weeks as the tracks are being mixed it's satisfying knowing we captured our first EP together as a whole band with such quality.

Any future shows or upcoming tours before the end of 2018?

Hervé: We actually have recorded a new EP  called "64 Women’’, [and] we will release it soon. We are preparing a tour in the South of the USA to promote it!! Hope to see some of you guys on the road!!

Southern: In addition to the southwest tour coming up we have...

Friday 9/28 @thesaltyfrogib 9pm
Tuesday 10/23 @theprospectorlbc 9pm
Sunday 10/28 @theredwoodbar 9pm

TGC: Yup, what Coralie said. Future shows in SoCal coming up: This Saturday at the Salty Frog in San Diego, Prospector (Long Beach) on October 23 , Redwood Bar (DTLA) on October 28 . We have a festival in November in Arizona, a residency in January in Los Angeles, Southwest tour in Feb/March 2019  and Europe in June/July 2019.

The best way to follow us is on ww.tarahwho.com Instagram @tarahwho and for all live shows, we have songkick, bandsintown etc... @tarahwho.

Thank you so much for your support!
Interview by: Taylor Brielle


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