EXCLUSIVE: The Aquadolls On Theme Park Vlogging, Hocus Pocus, and Spooky New Releases

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Southern-California indie rock trio The Aquadolls have started releasing music again, and frontwoman/songwriter Melissa Brooks tells Suburban Rose Magazine their second album, releasing nearly four years after their first, will be dropping "REAL soon."

The Aquadolls are an all female rock group and were formed back in 2012 by Melissa Brooks. Their debut LP, Stoked On You, was extremely well-received in their scene and beyond, and their comeback has been highly anticipated.

While you wait for Melissa to drop the album, check out The Aquadolls' new CD EP, which features their latest singles along with some songs that won't be released until the album drop. You can purchase it in person at their shows (scroll to the bottom of this page to see where they'll be playing this month) or online from their merch shop. Additionally, the girls all collaborated on a playlist in honor of their ROCKTOBER tour. Listen below, and be sure to also check out the interview with Melissa done by Victoria Hamersky, which starts just underneath the link.

Interview by Victoria Hamersky

Source: IG @cowboycrush

Can you tell the readers a bit about you individually and as a band?

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm a SoCal girl in a rock n roll world. I love My Chemical Romance, macaroni and cheese, black nail polish, staying up til 5am and sleeping til 1pm, and making beats! I smile a lot and cry a lot. In the band I play guitar and sing, but on the new songs and upcoming album, you can catch me playing all the instruments! Guitar, bass, synth, and all the drum programming.

What is your all time favorite song and why? Do you feel like your music taste influences the way you create your music and/or your sound?

I don't think I could pick just one song! My music tastes varies every day depending on my mood. I find myself listening to Triathalon when I want to relax, and my favorite song by them is "It's You." When I'm feeling like a bad bitch or want to hype myself up, I listen to a ton of nightcore edits and Charli XCX. This month I've been listening to more spooky music, and I think it's influenced how I mixed the new music with trippy elements of dreamy synths mixed with heavy, distorted guitar and vocals. Ultimately though, I feel like one of my all time favorite songs by my favorite band is "In My Room" by The Beach Boys. I would love to make a song nearly half as beautiful as that one. This album is definitely going to have it's pretty moments, but it has a heavier side to it as well.

A fan wants to know: If or when will you tour the east coast?

I want to do a giant ass world tour starting next year! Hopefully after the album drops, I'll be able to save up money and start planning tours outside of California. I miss the east coast!

Besides music, do you have any other personal passions?

I swear I'm just constantly working on music, but when I'm not, I love to watch movies! I'm a huge horror movie buff. I've spent the entire month of October watching all the Michael Myers Halloween films, all the Chucky's, and I think I've seen Hocus Pocus all the way through at least 4 times just this week. I also spend a lot of time watching theme park vloggers on Youtube! Lowkey highkey, I really want to start theme park vlogging but I feel like no one would really care, lol. I'm a huge Disney nerd. I also used to skateboard a bit and have been really lazy so I want to start practicing again soon!

Do you feel like you have a style (both in fashion and music) as a band, or is that more personal?

Similar to my taste in music, I dress up to match my mood. When I'm not bumming it at home in my old oversized Nirvana tee that I've worn 4 days in a row, I like to get "extra" and throw on a mixture of sweet and evil looks. Chains with glitter and pastel colors, or wearing all black with some colorful eyeshadow, I like to style myself to how I feel. I feel like this goes with my music too, as some songs are more upbeat and cute, and others are much darker.

What’s your favorite part of getting to perform live?

I love when I get to sing and jump around in the crowd. I love to get down and try to make everyone feel like they can be free to do whatever they want, as long as they aren't being assholes! It feels great to get close and personal with concert goers, as I'm literally spilling my guts in my lyrics and dancing around like a weirdo. When I'm on stage, I feel free.

What’s the dynamic of being in a girl group? What’s the vibe like with each other?

I love it! I'm stoked to have good friends backing me up on stage. We get to share highlight and glitter with each other (lol) but most importantly, we have so much fun.

How has the feedback been on your new music?

The feedback has been wonderful. It's quite scary to not release music for so long and then come back with a different sound. It was a risk, but it definitely has been paying off. It makes me so happy to see people singing along to the new songs at shows! Really, I'm blessed that people are listening and enjoying it. I'm excited to see how everyone reacts to the album, which I will be randomly dropping REAL soon.

Lastly, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully not living in my parents house, in my own place in LA, touring a fuck ton, constantly dropping new music and creative merch, maybe even my own clothing brand, and continuing my journey to growing and bettering myself!


10.25 // meme prom los angeles w/ @ka5sh
10.26 // 924 gilman berekely *
10.27 // san francisco (tba) *
10.28 // momo sacramento (our sac debut!!!)*
* = with @thegrinns


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