Charming Liars on Future Tours and New Album Release Date (+ Photo Gallery)

Vocalist Kiliyan Maguire of Charming Liars was able to catch up with Suburban Rose Magazine before their recent show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA about current and upcoming tours and their new album release in January 2019.

How has this tour with Welshly Arms and Glorious Sons been going so far? Is this your first time touring with the both of them?

This is our first tour with them, yeah! I love the lineup. I feel like on some [tours] sometimes the bands will kind of have so many similar elements that it doesn't vary. However, with this line-up, I feel like everyone brings something different. It's just a different dynamic, y'know?

You just announced a UK/Europe run with Welshly Arms! Will this be your first time playing out there?

Yeah! We are going to be going all the way until the middle of November. I went out and did Europe as a tourist and I played in London, but this is going to be my first time playing in the other cities.

After this tour, what can we expect more of from Charming Liars?

More Tours.

[Laughter] That's amazing!

That's really it. More tours!

And you have a new album, Thought, Flesh and Bone, that you will be releasing in late January 2019?

Yes, that's coming out January 26th. This is our first full-length record! We have been working hard on the record and we are really excited to release it.

What was the inspiration behind your current single “Something Dark?”

"Something Dark" was kind of just one of those songs that grew on its [own]. It started with our guitar player Karnig [Manoukian] who also does all of our production. I remember just walking in and him laying down some different soundscapes and pieces for that song and, I kid you not, the first thing that came out of my mouth was "something dark lives in this song." That kind of [evolved] into "something dark lives here" for the chorus, and then from there the verses grew off of that. The song is about [how] vigilance and awareness isn't enough. I think action is key. We have to make sure we [keep] an eye on everybody and make sure everybody is safe.

How would you explain your music to first-time listeners?

It's a collection of sounds that support my manic ramblings. That's what I would call it.

Any last words or advice for up and comers within the music industry?

I don't know if I'm eligible enough to give advice, but if I was to give any bit of advice it would be to put the music first. Leave the gimmicks at home. Most importantly, if you have crap songs, it's not going to work. You gotta be critical of the songs. You look at some of the greatest bands in history and [being critical is] just what it comes down to.

Thank you so much for chatting with Suburban Rose! I hope you have a great show tonight!

Thank you!

Photos & Interview by: Taylor Brielle

European Tour with Welshly Arms

November 2nd - Frankfurt, Germany (Zoom)
November 3rd - Zurich, Switzerland (Maskotte)
November 4th - Munich, Germany (Strom)
November 5th - Berlin, Germany (BI NUU)
November 7th - Warsaw, Poland (Klub Hybrydy)
November 8th - Prague, Czech Republic (Futurum Music Bar) 
November 9th - Vienna, Austria (Grelle Forelle)
November 11th - Hamburg, Germany (Logo)
November 12th - Cologne, Germany (Gloria Theater)
November 13th - Paris, France (La Maroquinerie)
November 15th - London, UK (The Dome)

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