Semblance — "Mercy" Song Premiere & Interview (SR Exclusive)

Philadelphia based alt-rock duo Semblance are back with a brand new track just a few months after releasing their debut EP titled I Love You. Stream the new release, "Mercy," through the link below before anyone else, and make sure to scroll down for an exclusive interview between Suburban Rose and lead singer Maeve Gorman all about the track.

How do you feel about releasing your single “Mercy”? Are you nervous? Excited?

I’m extremely excited to release this single! I feel like it’s been finished for so long and I’m just so glad that people finally get to hear it because I’m tremendously proud of it.

What inspired you to write a song like this?

Stylistically this song was more influenced from artists I’ve become enamored with throughout the past year and a half, Banks being the biggest one. Lyrically it’s more inspired by own mental and emotional struggles.

What was the writing process for this song like?

The writing process for this song was unreal. It wrote itself. I was at school during my senior year and we had this studio space for people in the songwriting class to be able to use. I spent all my free time in there and I was almost always working on something. One day when I was walking there, I had this piano progression in my head and as soon as I got there I sat down and recorded that. Before I knew it, 10 minutes had passed and I had already developed most of the instrumental that’s still on the track now. The rest of the time I spent writing lyrics and within probably a half an hour of writing, the song was almost done. I had never had all aspects of a song pour out of me like that before then.

Does this song hold special meaning to you?

It definitely does. The lyrics depict my struggles with OCD and specifically intrusive thoughts. The whole song is a kind of dialogue between the “different selves” I associate my thoughts with, along with my former self and things I’ve done that I’m more than ashamed of. So the “you” I address throughout the song isn’t actually another person, but myself.

What do you want your listeners to take away from it?

I’d really just want them to know that no matter what they think of themselves and what they perceive their own thoughts to mean about themselves, that there is a way to let go and find their “mercy,” if you will.

Photo: Olivia Scott

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