The Forum Release New Track "Dive"

Up-and-coming Gainesville band The Forum already made a name for themselves when they released their 6-track debut Illuminate, and continue to do so with their much anticipated follow-up single "Dive." Marked by crooning vocals and spunky guitar, "Dive" is a fun, danceable song sure to make a splash as it hits streaming services on July 27th.

Source: Jacob McKay

From the start, "Dive" shows immense potential. It opens with an eerie synth that jumps into one of the song's highlights: the repetitive, sunny guitar line. The instrumentals sound crisp, well-produced, and thoughtful. As the verses climb to the euphoric chorus, that same stunning guitar loop is accented by percussive hits and secondary guitar strums, creating a multi-layered sound that has more to discover with each and every listen. Even at its close, "Dive" keeps up the energy, never missing a beat.

Vocally and lyrically, The Forum have managed to keep pace with their instrumental talent. Articulate and clear, there's no question that "Dive" was a conscious effort. The emotion is palpable, even in lines as innocuous as "my phone's starting to die," though the lyrics are far from filler material. The song explores the concepts of the new and unknown, morality, and embracing change, all set to an upbeat tempo that gives an air of optimism. It has depth and meaning, but not so much so that it can't get over itself and have a good time; in turn, it strikes a strong balance of substance and light-heartedness.

Every aspect of the song comes together so beautifully, so gracefully, that it's easy to forget that the band's first release came out less than a year ago. The Forum possess a seemingly innate ability to create an atmosphere in their music, and "Dive" is no different—from the first seconds to the last cries of "don't say I didn't dive," audiences are transported from reality to a mesmerizing mindset shaped solely by the drifting, fluid beats.

If you're looking for a grooving, hazy song fit for any occasion, look no further than "Dive". The track is strong from start to finish, a surefire hit among seasoned fans of The Forum and new listeners alike. It's an astounding testament to the potential today's independent music scene holds; one would be amiss to overlook this release among the sea of new music coming out of summer 2018.

To listen to "Dive", as well as Illuminate, and keep up-to-date on The Forum, make sure to check out their SpotifyBandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Source: Jacob McKay


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