Staff Picks: 2018 Quarter 2 Wrap-Up (Arctic Monkeys, Dagny, St Lucia + More!)

Somehow we're already halfway through 2018, but don't freak out. The staff of Suburban Rose Magazine have your music needs covered with a list of some of our favorite releases since April.

Gabrielle Miranda

Peace - Kindness Is The New Rock and Roll

We’re at a point in time where the world is very greedy, small-minded, and sad. This album really speaks about these issues. It brings light to the situation, showing that kindness and peace can change the world no matter the size. It’s really beautiful to see a band so accepting and kind!

Sandra Garcia

Sea Girls - Adored

I’m pretty sure Sea Girls are incapable of producing a single “bad” song. None of their releases are even just okay; they’re consistently brilliant. Even the title track—which is slower and edgier than the others on Adored—somehow manages to be captivating despite its general somberness. It takes some serious talent to be able to pull that off, but they manage to do it. Also, the EP closes out with huge shouting vocals, actual rockstar drums and guitars, and a tambourine shake at the very end. It’s fantastic fun.

After previously releasing a handful of singles, Ashe released her debut EP The Rabbit Hole on June 22nd. It showcases her signature soaring vocals and bright sound. Her mesmerizing voice combined with lush instrumentation comes together to create an EP that is captivating from beginning to end. With a debut EP this good, I can’t wait to hear what she creates in the future!

For a band as prominent as St. Lucia, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, these tracks are enjoyable, unique, strong, and still are of an immensely high quality. Genuinely fun to listen to, this release has me most excited for what's to come in 2018.

Arctic Monkeys are not a breakthrough band. They know what they are doing. Personally, I was not a fan of their old music, but this album is one of the most dignified and promising comebacks I've ever listened to. The tracks flow perfectly and the lyrics are pure genius. The production is astonishing and even though it might sound a bit repetitive at first, it all makes sense at the end. Chapeau!

Alex Music

It's strange to describe music as picturesque, but that's exactly what the music of Owen Evans is. Seeing the digital release of Pathétique Aesthétique at June's end was a pleasant surprise. From more experimental tracks like "Afraid" and "Arson Eyes" to the relatively anticipated, beautiful soundscapes of "Wondering Why" and "Drama Queen," Roar's latest release is in a thematically scenic world of its own.

Brett Wodon

Dance Gavin Dance - Artifical Selection

Dance Gavin Dance are probably one of the most consistent bands out there right now. Their music incorporates many different styles, and especially on this album. Every member plays their part exceptionally well. I didn't know if they could possibly follow up Mothership, but, while not being quite as amazing as Mothership, DGD definitely came as close as they could get. Catchy, bouncy, groovy, and fun. 

Avery Karasiewicz

Colouring - bn

An impressive first installment of the band’s debut album broken into four EP’s, Colouring’s bn reminds me of just how good pop music can be. bn’s sound ranges from shimmering atmospheric to feel-good electro-pop. For such a newly-established band, Colouring has already cultivated an incredibly sophisticated trademark sound. Hearing this EP has made me even more impatient and excited to hear what they will release next!

Sam Melanson

Dagny - "Used to You"

"Used to You" is a really fun pop song to listen to. It would make a great addition to any summer playlist!

Twenty-year-old singer/songwriter Trevor Douglas released his new single “Stay By Your Side.” The new pop song is about a girl he liked who was in a relationship with someone who didn’t treat her right and how he would treat her better than that. Trevor has a new EP coming out later this year, so watch for it and listen to it when it comes out! 

Ian Bledsoe

Pusha T - Daytona

DAYTONA is everything we know about 2018’s music industry all captured in one bright, insidious, and colorful aurora. Pusha T consistently drops line after line of solidarity and deep-questioning of the world around him that he, along with the alumni of GOOD Music, have established in the past decade. Of course, old-school tinges still remain from Kanye West’s intricately constructed foundation, with the entire production being taken under by Ye himself; but it’s the lines calling back to Sosa, the conscientious back and forth between Pusha and Kanye themselves on the impeccable introspection into America’s law enforcement “What Would Meek Do?” and call-outs to modernist greed in music with the controversy-catalyst that is "Infrared" that make the album truly sedimentary in 2018’s music evolution. In only just over 21 minutes of run time, DAYTONA has grounded itself in 21 years of hip hop, just to completely alter the tidal waves when things start to shift for the worse. 

Taylor Brielle

Death Cab for Cutie - "Gold Rush"

In my opinion, Death Cab For Cutie are the most versatile indie band. I was impressed with the release of the single "Gold Rush" because the sound was surprising but still expected at the same time. If I had to explain this song in one phrase, it would be "1998 Death Cab meets The Postal Service" (the perfect combination!). I was not surprised by Ben Gibbard's choice to go "electronic" with his voice considering the song and music video relate to what social media is doing to our society.

Karoline Wechselberger

Leoniden - "Kids"

"Kids" is Leoniden's first single since their self-titled debut album, which was released in 2017. As a long time fan of theirs I wasn't sure what to expect  from their new songs, but I think "Kids" provides an insight into what their second album will hopefully sound like. They have definitely kept their unique style, but I can see that they're going into a new and slightly different direction with their music and I can't wait to hear Leoniden's new work. 


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