Retrolux On New Releases & W/O U Music Video

Anna James and Maynard Shaye of Retrolux, the up & coming indie-electronic band from Gainesville, Florida, had a chat with Gabrielle Miranda about new songs, music videos, and more.


Suburban Rose: You recently teased a new video coming out for your song "W/O U." How long has this video been in the works?

Shaye: Probably about 4 months now. We started in March.

SR: How did you come up with the concept for the video?

Shaye: We made the song first and then later decided we should make a music video for it. For a while, we just sat down kind of brainstorming ideas that would make sense. Then we came up with the idea for this video which is basically just Anna alone in a bunch of different places experiencing what it's like to feel without someone. So the video is kind of an answer to the question in the chorus, “How do I feel without you?” It just shows that you feel totally alone. In the video, you don’t see any other people. The entire video is just Anna until the very last scene.

Anna: And we specifically put me in super public places. Like I’m in a Lowes, the mall, and a skating rink.

SR: What was it like writing that song?

Anna: Shaye already had the beats and I came in with the lyrics, and the lyrics just came to me. The song isn't necessarily based on my life.

SR: So is that usually the writing process? Shaye making the beats and you [Anna] coming in with the lyrics?

Anna: It varies. Sometimes he’ll already have the beats and I'll come up with a melody and we’ll write together. And sometimes I’ll just write a song on the guitar and bring it to Shaye and he’ll produce it.

SR: Do you find that when you’re writing new music you stick to a certain sound?

Anna: We're still trying to figure out our sound...but we're figuring it out more now, definitely. But we have a new song coming out called “Dial Tone” and another song called “Sleepy Girl” and they both sound completely different. I don't think we're sticking to a certain sound. We're just going with what feels best for each song.

SR: How would you describe the vibe and sound of your new songs?

Anna: I think that "Dial Tone" is way more upbeat and a lot more palatable and "Sleepy Girls" is interesting because it was inspired by a lo-fi hip-hop sound and it’s way more experimental.

SR: Do you find yourself drawing inspiration from other artists?

Anna: Of course! *laughs* No, we draw inspiration from ourselves. *laughs* Our main influence together is definitely Sylvan Esso. But individually, I have more singer-songwriter influences.

Shaye: I definitely see when we do our monthly Spotify playlist [that] on mine there's a lot of hard electronic and R&B, but for Anna, there are a lot more “cutesy” vibes.

SR: To conclude everything, do you have anything coming out that we haven't seen yet?

Shaye: We are actually in the very early stages of a “Dial Tone” music video. But our major release is the two new songs “Dial Tone” and “Sleepy Girl” and the “W/O U” music video.


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