DREAMERS released their newest EP on Friday called LAUNCH, a collection of songs that reinvent the breakup narrative. I recently listened to the EP from beginning to end and it's safe to say that I am obsessed. The songs featured on LAUNCH are guitar-heavy and mixed with funky electronic elements: enough to make you want to dance—and trust me, I did.

Source: Dana Trippe

A personal favorite off the EP would have to be the first song and latest single, "Screws." After listening to the lyrics it is understood why lead singer Nick Wold would state that "Screws" is a tortured love song about losing your mind. He states in his lyrics:
"Hid away inside a lonely room / Never as lonely as when I'm alone with you."
To all those who've dealt with toxic relationships—this song is for you.

The second song, "Fake It Til You Make It," was the most relatable to me. I feel like most would agree. It's about being young and the struggles of trying to "make it" in the real world. The third song, "Black and White," begins with a more mellow sound compared to the first two songs, but don't be fooled—the buildup in the chorus is totally rockin'. Last but not least, "Karma" closes out the album. The song features industrial-sounding guitar riffs and the lyric:
"Someday soon / Karma's gonna find you." 
"Karma" is probably the most "different" sounding song off this album. It's a bit heavier than the rest, but easily a favorite.

You can catch the songs off LAUNCH and many more from DREAMERS live on their 31 date U.S. headlining tour. https://www.dreamersuniverse.com/tour


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