The Final Vans Warped Tour: Bands You Should Check Out At The Ventura Date And Beyond

The Vans Warped Tour 2018 kicks off soon, and if you’re going to be at the Ventura date, you may want to know some things to look out for. There’s a good chance that many people are going to Warped Tour this year that haven’t gone before and are just going to get the experience before the tour ends. There are plenty of big names playing this time around: All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Mayday Parade, etc. Since Warped Tour has always been a good place for bands to kick start their career or gain a wider audience (take Movements, for example), included in this list are bands NOT playing mainstages this year.



Seeing that this group of Christian boys are playing the Tour this year is very exciting. Their metalcore style has evolved into something that isn’t necessarily unique, but absolutely is a breath of fresh air in its own right. Sean McCulloch’s vocal delivery is powerful and full of emotion in his harsh and clean singing, and the rest of the band backs that up extremely well. They make it seem like they really care about what they’re covering in their lyrics. If you’re looking for a good breakdown and some catchy choruses, definitely check out Phinehas.



While metal bands are a newer thing to Warped Tour (especially after the fall of the Mayhem Festival), Kevin Lyman is no stranger to booking hard hitting pop punk acts. Trash Boat are on the front line of moving this Hopeless [Records] pop punk scene into some fresher territory. Fusing some hardcore tendencies into their already diverse mix of pop punk styles, Trash Boat will not only fit right in with the last 23 years of music on this tour, but they’ll add elements that refresh the scene in ways that are overdue. The band will release their sophomore album Crown Shyness on July 20th.



Chelsea Grin aren't very new to many people, but our reason for including them is because they recently lost their original singer, Alex Koehler, and have replaced him with Tom Barber (ex-Lorna Shore). They have a new album releasing on July 13th and they will for sure be playing new songs on this tour. If you’ve heard Chelsea Grin before, check them out to see what new vibe Tom will bring to the band. If you haven’t, go for a brutal assault of deathcore riffs, heavy breakdowns, and of course, mosh pits.



Maybe the deepest into the underground that this list will go is Lighterburns. Even with nothing more than a 4 song EP, this high energy trio have proven that they deserve a spot on this year’s lineup. Pop-punk might describe them, garage rock might describe them, but there’s no doubt that they strangely fit perfectly into what Warped Tour is all about. Lighterburns are one of those bands that will make you say, “Why can’t I write something this good?” They have a simple, familiar sound, but the execution is what matters. The music is great. It is apparent that they are passionate about what they do, and for that reason they deserve to be checked out when you are strolling through the grounds of Warped Tour this year.



Harm’s Way have without a doubt released one of the greatest albums of the year 2018 so far. It's crushing, loud, and fun as hell. They don’t do much but play heavy hardcore music, but they do it so well that it's hard to ignore. This band will certainly blow you away if you happen to run by them this year. They never let up, so if you’re looking for super high energy this summer, make room for Harm’s Way in your schedule!



They were at the top of many a pop punk fan’s best releases in 2017 lists, and rightfully so. Grayscale, signed to Fearless records, brings a pop punk sound with Adornment that transcends the typical flashy leads and colorful style, instead going for a more solemn and flat aesthetic. Their lyrics are somber and hopeful, and the music reflects this. Their style fits very well in the new school of emo/pop-punk bands, and it is apparent why they have garnered so much attention. Grayscale is an act that you definitely want to check out this time around.



FFO: The Plot in You (circa 2015), Silent Planet, amazing vocals. I shouldn’t have to say more. Dayseeker created one of the best albums released in 2017. Their brand of metalcore is one that makes no mistakes. Rory’s R&B-like singing is phenomenal, and his screaming vocals are spectacularly emotional as well. If you’re a fan of heavy but melodic riffs, as well as heavy but melodic vocals, this is one hundred percent for you. Don’t sleep on Dayseeker this summer.



Some might ask why on earth we're featuring a comedic band on our list. Answer is, they're absolutely amazing. Not only are the songs they write super fun, but the band are legitimately great musicians. Welcome to Bonkers is without a doubt one of the best albums released this year. The band’s melodies and music in general are so phenomenally written, and if you look past the goofy lyrics, they create legitimately wonderful pieces of music. Their live show is fun (look out for their hypeman, John Goblikon), so it is highly encouraged for you to check out their set this summer, even in passing.


Some honorable mentions include All Time Low, Unearth, Every Time I Die, Knuckle Puck, Movements, Crown the Empire, Taking Back Sunday, and Tonight Alive. All of these bands have made huge waves in their respective scenes, whether that means they are classics of their genre (Unearth, All Time Low), or newcomers that are already doing wonders for furthering this music scene (Knuckle Puck, Movements).

With this year being the final cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour, fans involved in the scene will attend with a bittersweet taste in their mouth. This will be the last time that fans will get to stay from 11AM to 9PM watching their favorite bands and discovering new music. There has never been something like Warped Tour, nor will there ever be something quite able to emulate what Kevin Lyman has done for this scene. A sense of community and personal music experiences will never be forgotten by many across America. If you get the chance, catch a date! It is your final opportunity, and if you’re going to Ventura on June 24th, make sure to check out the bands that were highlighted. You won’t be sorry.

We’ll be compiling a playlist on our Spotify including the highlighted artists as well as some others that will be on the Ventura stop of the tour. Our photographer Taylor Brielle will be photographing the Pomona date, so be looking out for that next week.

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