The Hails' Music Is A Fountain Of Youth—Robbie Kingsley Talks "Younger" And The Florida Scene

Source: Josh Churba

The Hails are an alt-rock 5 piece based out of Gainesville, Florida. Guest interviewer Ashton Carr was recently able to interview their vocalist, Robbie Kingsley, for Suburban Rose Magazine.

Suburban Rose: ‘Younger’ is your most recent release. Tell us a little about the story behind it.

Robbie: So that started out as a song that our guitar player, Dylan wrote. We kind of played around with it for about a year and kept it in our back pocket. We wouldn’t play it at shows much but we decided to start to develop it around Fall of last year. It really resonated with some of our friends and fans when we started playing it live, and a lot of people came to us saying “Hey I really like that song, you should play it more often!”. After that, we set up some studio time with our friend Matt and we went into it thinking that it was going to be our lead single. It came out really naturally during the recording process and Matt did an outstanding job with the production. Even though it was Dylan’s song to start out, everyone really contributed to it in their own ways so it’s a true testament to the dynamic of our band.

SR: Is ‘Younger’ off of an upcoming EP/album? What have you been working on lately?

R: We’re just kind of working on singles right now. We have another one that we recorded with Matt but it’s still getting worked on, we’re setting up some studio time in July, and after that we’ll continue to put out singles. We’re not entirely sure when a proper album will be on the way but it’s definitely not out of the question.

SR: Florida is a huge melting pot of different cultures and people, how have you all melded your influences and experiences together to create your music?

R: I’m not entirely sure. It feels pretty natural. I don’t think it’s something we really think about. We’re not trying to force anything because at the end of the day we’re just really good friends. As long as we’re having fun with it, it’s fine. Gainesville is a great place for music, and for me personally, I didn’t really get into music until college so that was really the breeding ground for me when it came to interest in pursuing music.

Source: Josh Churba

SR: You’re about to make a stop in NYC on tour, what’s a place that all of you have been dreaming to play?

R: I can’t really speak for all of us but I think the major festivals are the ones that everybody thinks about. If we could eventually play Lollapalooza or Coachella that would be great! There’s one [venue] in St. Petersburg called Jannus Live that I’ve seen a couple shows at and I’ve thought “Oh man, I’d like to be up there!”, so that’s a personal favorite. Some venues that the other guys would want to play at would be ones in Miami like The Fillmore.

SR: Do you feel as though working in Miami has changed your music at all? Or was it just a step to get you to make exactly what you’d been envisioning?

R: It may have added some underlying themes! But overall, the rest of the band is from there so I think they already had it in them and it was just about getting me on board. I’ve had some experiences down there that have shaped the past year of my life so I think it’s played a role. But I do think that it was a necessary step because, as a college band, we weren’t going to last if we kept taking Summers off because that would just be shooting yourself in the foot. So for us to commit to it and be in the same place as often as possible, we’d figure it out.

SR: Your latest single was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, what are some of your favorite new releases lately?

R: We also got on that Indie Shuffle playlist and we were on there with a guy called YUNO and he has a song called “No Going Back” that came out around the same time, and we all really dug that. And there’s a new Magic City Hippies song called “Body Like A Weapon” that just came out that I’ve been playing pretty consistently.

SR: If you could describe your music as one Florida landmark, what would it be?

R: I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of when I was 14 and my family and I went to St. Augustine and they have those ghost tours. So maybe a St. Augustine haunted cemetery or the Fountain of Youth!

Source: Josh Churba

SR: What’s next for the band?

R: We’re playing Warped Tour in West Palm Beach! Other than that, we’re just going to be recording in July and nothing is set in terms of release dates or anything yet.

SR: If new listeners could know one thing about The Hails, what would you want it to be?

R: We always like to do Borat impressions. That’s pretty big for us.


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