"Tour N. 3": Fil Bo Riva & Rikas at Flex Vienna

Fil Bo Riva are on their "Tour N.3" throughout April and May, visiting countries all over Europe, Austria being one of them.

Half an hour before the doors were set to open, a line was already forming outside of the infamous Flex, Vienna.

Supporting Fil Bo Riva was Rikas, a band from Stuttgart, Germany. Their latest album, Swabian Samba, debuted only a few weeks before the show, which took place on May 1st. The four of them played some of their new hits like "Tortellini Tuesday" and "Dancing In My Room", to which a lot of people sang and moved around, but they also played a few older pieces. I'm sure that if they ever return for a tour of their own here in Vienna, they will have lots of people waiting for them.

After a short break, the much anticipated German/Italian band Fil Bo Riva entered the smoke filled stage. I'd seen them once before, at the Out Of The Woods festival last year. They definitely gained a lot of stage confidence since then, but they are still one of the "quieter" bands that don't enjoy on-stage banter that much. This provided a strong contrast to Rikas, who greeted the waiting fans by shaking their hands and cracking jokes.

But in my opinion this is exactly what makes Fil Bo Riva so authentic and likable. They kicked off the show with one of their unreleased songs, which will most likely be on their debut album, hopefully releasing soon.

Personally, one of the most memorable moments of the evening was definitely when singer Filippo Bonamici announced their next song "Franzis". Before the song even began, it received roaring approval from the audience. It felt like the entire Flex was dancing and singing along to this fan favorite.

Over the course of the night Fil Bo Riva were able to get the crowd to move along to new songs like "Blindmaker" and "Head Sonata (Love Control)", and also to songs off of their first EP, "Like Eye Did" and "Killer Queen".

After the band left the stage, the crowd was waiting for the encore and kept shouting "Zugabe" (the german version of "one more song"). After a few moments, Fil Bo Riva stumbled on the small stage, clearly moved but also confused. "Das ist jetzt ein bisschen peinlich. Wir haben wirklich keine Lieder mehr," (This is a bit awkward, but we really don't have any songs left to play) said Filippo, pointing to the setlist and showing it to the audience. After he asked which song they would like to hear, everyone started shouting different songs they wished to be played again. The clear winner was "Killer Queen", a fan favorite from their first EP. After this very last song they left the stage, saying goodbye to everyone for the second time that evening.

After the lights went back on, the crowd emptied out into the street. A lot of people took the chance to take pictures with Rikas and buy their new album and get it signed.

I couldn't help but smile seeing all those tired but joyful and happy faces.

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