Spirit Of The Bear's Latest Single, "Hollow", Is Anything But

There's nothing like a timely release.

Spirit of the Bear, an alternative-indie five-piece hailing from Ohio, released their latest single Friday, entitled "Hollow". The track comes several months after their second LP, which has gained notable traction within the band's genre since its release in November 2017.

Musically speaking, I believe the first thing I observed in "Hollow" was the song's timeliness. Summery guitar strums draped over a groovy, danceable bass line conjure up a sensation within the listener that's soaked in the upcoming season. This single is sure to make a splash this summer on streaming platforms because of this—and I wouldn't be surprised if it found its way into appropriately themed Spotify playlists & release lists, too.

Deviating from the formula that produces your typical summer release, the lyricism of "Hollow" is in contrast with what one would expect from the instrumentation, creating a terrestrial syzygy of music and message. The overarching lyrical ideas are somewhat pessimistic, but it's important to recognize that vocalist James Harker in his narration intends to express that he's accepted what he believes will come in the future; he's come to terms with being hollow.
"My life is hollow/ I'll make no memories/...'Till I fall from grace and the waves come up to meet me"
"Hollow" is a satisfying and fresh installment in Spirit of the Bear's discography. Long time listeners will be pleased, and new fans will draw towards it with a similar enthusiasm. Check out the lyric video here, save it on Spotify here, and visit the band's website  here.


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