Get To Know Violet Days: On Her Upcoming EP, Favorite Artists, And Working With The Chainsmokers

Taylor Brielle: How old were you when you started making music and what inspired you to become an artist?

Violet Days: I wrote my first song when I was 13. I remember listening A LOT to Avril Lavigne and The Sounds at the time, so we were very inspired by that music then. I sent the song to local radio and it was number one on the toplist for 10 weeks - which was an amazing start, of course.

TB: We hear you have a new EP, Made In My Head, which debuts this summer. Is there a specific theme with this album that you are going for?

VD: Yes, very exciting. Personally I really love when artists have a thought-out theme with an album, both lyrically and visually, so I knew that I really wanted to have that for myself and I´m very passionate about that. The story of the EP is inspired by a 60s Swedish comic book which story was very similar to my life and surroundings - so that felt like the perfect theme. It´s told by the couple from the comic book and all the cover art is in that world, and for the music videos it all comes to life.

TB: On May 4th you released a new single called "Just A Little." What was your inspiration behind writing this song?

VD: This song is very personal to me and also for Kris and Cassandra who I wrote it with. We sat down and just talked about relationships we had and how it´s easy to chase the things that are a little dangerous and not always good for you. That you want it to hurt "just a little" to really feel it.

TB: How would you describe your music to first-time listeners?

VD: Alternative pop with honest stories. Like a BANKSY painting, soft meets hard.

TB: Do you have any upcoming shows or tours planned in the near future?

VD: We´re trying to plan a US tour in the fall so fingers crossed for that.

TB: Have you been listening to any artists lately and if so, who?

VD: I´m listening to Tame Impala, I like Post Malone's new album, Billie Eilish and fellow Swede Tove Styrke.

TB: And lastly, how was your experience in co-writing the song "Paris" with The Chainsmokers?

VD: It was a big afterparty in Stockholm after their show that we had been to. We went to our guitar player Fredrik's studio and a lot of people came along including Drew. Fredrik and Kris sat down with Drew and played around with some chords and suddenly they had written Paris. 4 am in Stockholm, haha.

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