Staff Picks: 2018 Quarter 1 Wrap-Up

suburban rose magazine 2018 quarter one (1) music wrap up

The first quarter of 2018 has absolutely flown by, leaving us with many new music releases from both seasoned and rising artists of various genres. Amidst the cacophony, the staff of Suburban Rose Magazine have compiled a list of some of our favorites that have been released throughout the last three months.

Sandra Garcia

The Undercover Dream Lovers - In Real Time

the undercover dream lovers in real time

This EP sounds exactly the way you’d think something by a band called “The Undercover Dream Lovers” would sound. Its layered, distorted vocals are dreamy, curling around the guitars and the synths and moving through each track. But it doesn’t feel like the songs all blend together; they’re each distinctly their own. The entire EP feels spacey, like in “I Don’t Know Your Name,” twinkling and chilling and often really slick-sounding. It’s surreal without being incoherent, relaxing without being sleepy. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I’m floating.

MGMT released a hauntingly beautiful album in February this year, creating a stir in the music community. They made a cheerful, light, eerie, and inviting album all in one and it is definitely one to listen to.

Emma Schoors

King Shelter - $hame

king shelter $hame shame

My favorite release of this year so far has got to be $hame by King Shelter. The whole album is so heartfelt and amazing live. It radiates everything the band puts out on stage, which isn’t common with bands with such great live performances. 

Bethany Camp

The Magic Gang - The Magic Gang

the magic gang self titled

One of my favorite albums of 2018 so far is The Magic Gang’s self-titled debut album. I’ve been loving their EPs and this album is a wonderful continuation of their sound. It’s the perfect spring album with energetic instrumentation and lyrics you’ll want to sing along to after the first listen.

Sam Melanson

Walkney - “Lucia Rose”

walkney lucia rose

Walkney released a single called "Lucia Rose" recently and it has such good vibes. I’ve been listening to it all day and would definitely recommend giving it a listen. Also, Derek Mrjdenovich, the lead singer, was just recently shown in a couple scenes of American Idol so that’s really rad.

Karoline Wechselberger

The Crispies - Fake Leather

the crispies fake leather

My favorite release of this year until now is probably The Crispies' new album, Fake Leather. It's different than the last album - they went in a different direction with this one - but that makes it really interesting to see what else they can do. I'm really excited to hear this album live for the first time this April.

Ian Bledsoe

Jeff Rosenstock - Post-

jeff rosenstock post

The true beauty of Jeff’s musical evolution on POST- is neither its convenient consistency nor the more ambient production, but rather the messages entangled in the mess. Jeff writes these songs in such an honest and loyal way that it makes POST- more of a record about not trying to suppress pain by forcing happiness. He makes it a record about planting your feet into the cement below you and swinging your fists at the sadness so it can never win — not if you try hard enough.

Alexandra Thomas

Jena Rose - Reasons

jena rose reasons

Jena Rose, a 17 year-old singer/songwriter from Plano, Texas, recently released her first EP, Reasons, which features her hit songs “Sweet Love”, “Lost at Sea”, and many more incredible works of art. The young pop star is currently on tour with Echosmith, so go get tickets to see her live in your city!

Alex Music

Remo Drive - Pop Music

remo drive pop music

Remo Drive have been one of the most innovative modern emo-rock bands of the last few years. This three-song EP certainly doesn't disappoint; characteristically bass-propelled songs shrouded in angsty, clear vocals grace this release and push the band towards a certain future of further exposure and summer-soaked live shows.

Molly McCaul

Nico Vega - “Little Operator”

nico vega little operator

My favorite release of the first quarter of 2018 has by far been “Little Operator” by Nico Vega. I was super excited to see they were coming back on the scene after a hiatus, and the song is great! It’s strong and electrifying and invokes a profound feeling. Instrumentally, it’s unique and fits the niche the band has found before in a fresh way. Overall, it’s personally one of the hidden highlights of the 2018 release circuit.


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