Review: "Lately" by The Pesky Snakes

Fresh to the music scene, Ontario band The Pesky Snakes are quickly rising in prominent circles - and for good reason. Their light-hearted alt rock, consisting of breezy guitars and a fine layer of synth over idyllic percussion, could stand toe-to-toe with that of Peace; their lyricism is witty and yearning, enough so that the band is almost reminiscent of an early Coin. The Pesky Snakes seem to be wise beyond their years and have the know-how under their belt needed to make a beautiful song. One such song is their most recent offering, entitled “Lately”, released March 18th- an earworm of a track that will leave any listener happy to be tapping toes and humming along for days to follow.

“Lately” is 3 minutes of pure summertime magic. As soon as the first chord opens, you’re transplanted to a lazy August afternoon spent taking in the sun and making memories. The track moves with purpose, but isn’t rushed to get there, like all good things should. It epitomizes all the dreamy, laid-back vibes so many bands end up reaching too hard for, and shows a vision with real potential. Maybe it’s the shining yellow vintage car on the cover, or maybe it’s the meandering synthesizer, but either way “Lately” is a song seemingly built for a mindless drive; it grooves and moves in a way that begs to be played with the windows down.

So, as the weather warms and summer looms on the horizon, check out and look forward to what The Pesky Snakes have to offer the music sphere. With an already strong repertoire only improved with this latest release and seemingly flawless tracks, The Pesky Snakes are sure to turn heads and make waves. Don’t be surprised to see them crop up more and more as the days get longer, and don’t wait to check “Lately” out- a gem like this is sure to have the finger on the pulse of the up-and-coming music trends.


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