Rising Artist: Marika Hackman

Meet Marika Hackman, a singer-songwriter from the UK. After starting out in a cover band with model Cara Delevingne at the age of 15, she is now arguably one of the most interesting songwriters England has to offer.

The singer born in Hampshire started playing the piano at just 4 years old, and as soon as she could write, Hackman began composing her own songs. She says it has always been something she wanted to do. At 19, she took a chance and decided to pursue her music career instead of getting her art degree.

Marika Hackman describes her new music as "tongue in cheek" and "dark but fun", and you can definitely hear that in her latest album, I'm Not Your Man, which debuted in June 2017. Although she wrote most of her new music on bass, she likes to experiment with different instruments during her writing process - especially ones that she doesn't know how to play. That way she comes up with new and interesting sounds of something the instrument shouldn't be doing.

The artwork for I'm Not Your Man was painted by artist Tristan Piggot. Hackman met him through mutual friends when she was 16 years old. While working on the record, the two of them reconnected and she asked him to paint the album cover for her, as he has always wanted to do something like that. The image is filled with references to lyrics from the album that you can explore in an interactive way on Hackman's website

I'm Not Your Man
artwork by: Tristan Piggot

The English artist draws a lot of her inspiration from poetry and stories. "Ophelia" was inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, and "Before I Sleep" was inspired by Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", according to her album commentary for We Slept At Last on Spotify. The record was her first full length studio album, produced by Charlie Andrew, who also works with artists like alt - j and Francobollo. It was released in early 2015.

Marika recently toured with the British band alt - j, opening for the European leg of their "Relaxer" tour, surely gaining lots of new fans and supporters all across Europe.

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