Giant Rooks Talk Touring And Dreams For The Future

photo by: Nils Lucas

Giant Rooks, a band from Hamm, Germany formed in 2014, have been touring all over the world with other popular bands such as Mighty Oaks, who they opened for last year. Now they're on their own headline tour, currently playing shows in the UK as this article is released. Writer and interviewer Karoline Wechselberger was recently able to interview them for Suburban Rose Magazine and inquire about future plans, touring, and more.

Q: Your EP New Estate debuted over a year ago. What is it like looking back on that experience?
A: Our first very own headline tour rolled on and we visited some major festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK.

Q: Looking back even further, what has changed for you since you released your first EP, The Times Are Bursting The Lines?
A: We have all finished school now, so we can focus on our music all the time.

Q: Why did you choose the name Giant Rooks?
A: The name is the result of a lengthy consideration we had. We think the two words fit together very well and make the people to draw their own story. We don´t want to prompt.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A: Everything can be an inspiration for what we are doing. Our experiences on tour, the places we went to, movies we are watching, the people we meet. It all influences us and we try to reproduce it in our music.

Q: Are there any funny or crazy band/tour stories?
A: Certainly, yes! But they are not worth mentioning. Most of these stories were funny in the situation itself or one of us made the always-same joke.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite things about touring?
A:The most beautiful thing about touring is being able to present our music to an amazing crowd all over Europe. It's a dream come true!

Giant Rooks backstage ; photo by Nils Lucas

Q: Is there any specific place that you would like to play at?
A: Last year we performed at a festival we have always been to in our childhood. It's Haldern Pop Festival in Germany. The next dream would be the Paradiso in Amsterdam. It's a former church and became a legendary venue during the last decades.

Q:What artists do you like to listen to while on the road?
A: Our musical taste varies from time to time. We created a playlist "On the road with Giant Rooks" on Spotify featuring both old and new artists. The new album by Nils Frahm was played recently as well as the likes of Kanye West and Anderson .Paak.

Q: What can we expect from you in 2018?
A: We are planning to play some European festivals/shows and - of course - to present some new music!

Q: Your fan base is constantly growing, especially while touring with other bands and playing at festivals. Is there anything you want to say to them?
A: We are always blessed when we see people in front of the stage who are listening attentively and having a good time. We only can say thank you very much for all the support and hope we will see again. It means everything to us!

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Note: This band was interviewed in English. In order to keep answers as authentic as possible, there may be some small grammatical/syntactical errors. Suburban Rose Magazine takes pride in its mission to share culture with the world.


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