Rising Artist: Naked Cameo Talk Beginnings And Plans For 2018

 Photo By: Gabriel Hyden

Naked Cameo, a four-piece from Upper Austria, consists of the friends Lukas (Lük) Maletzky, Maria Solberger, Jakob (Jackson) Preßmair, and Patrick Pillichshammer. Together, they want to create interesting music with recognizable qualities. Writer and interviewer Karoline Wechselberger for Suburban Rose Magazine had the opportunity to ask them some questions about their beginnings as a band, their upcoming album and plans for the future.

(Translated from German by Karoline Wechselberger)

Q: How did the four of you meet and how did you form the band?
A: That's a long story. Patrick and Lük have known each other for over ten years, since they were thirteen. Even then, they were making music together. Maria and Patrick went to school together and Patrick later met Jackson at university.

Q: Why did you choose the name "Naked Cameo"?
A: As a musician you're also an actor in a way. Every time you are on stage, you are kind of naked and bare - you're a naked cameo in your own little movie. We think that thought is beautiful.

Q: You are a relatively new band. What are your plans for the year 2018? 
A: We want to do a lot of album promotion, play a lot of festivals and shows, and reach a lot of people. Our main goal is 2019, though. Also to see fewer naked people when you Google our band name.

Q: Your album Of Two Minds debuts on March 2nd. What can we expect from it?
A: That's hard to say. We think we achieved our goal to make music with a certain recognition value while having our own approach to pop music. You can expect a lot or very little of it, but we already know that it turned out good. We'd like to leave the rest up to the listeners' judgment.

Q: What was it like to record your first studio album?
A: It was a very positive experience for us. It had a patchwork/DIY feeling to it. We didn't record the whole album in one studio but in many different rooms such as living rooms, a cabin and the like. We can't even remember all of them anymore. Our biggest goal was to get the perfect sound and the decision to be flexible and experiment with different locations has definitely helped us with that.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
A: Not knowing if you can get through the next month but having fun nonetheless. You also meet a lot of interesting, like-minded people. And of course it's exciting when people listen to your music and like it. Then there's also working with other musicians and being involved in many different creative processes and, of course, the possibility of turning your hobby into a job.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A: From thinking a lot, situations, emotions and sounds from our everyday lives. We try to be open and draw inspiration from everything.

Q: Which other musicians do you enjoy listening to?
A: Lük listens to a lot of James Blake, Flying Lotus, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Lorde and Charli XCX, but also Austrian acts such as Leyya and Bilderbuch. Maria draws inspiration from artists such as Glass Animals, Hozier, Regina Spector, Jack Garratt and the Beatles. Musicians that try to create something new are the most interesting to Jackson.
If you live in Austria you have the chance to see Naked Cameo live, on March 2nd at "Grelle Forelle" in Vienna, where they will play their debut album "Of Two Minds" live for the first time.

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