FM4 "Geburtstagsfest" Features Superorganism, Dan Croll, The Crispies, Beatsteaks, & More

On January 20th, the Austrian radio station FM4 celebrated its 23rd birthday at the Ottakringer Brauerei in Vienna. International acts such as Dan Croll and Superorganism in addition to local bands like The Crispies helped make the evening a special one for everyone involved. 3000 fans were partying around 3 stages and dancing to the music until 4 in the morning. I was lucky enough to be part of the celebration and am now able to share my impressions of the night with Suburban Rose's readers.

One hour before the first live bands started their sets, the venue was already packed with people enjoying the DJs, getting drinks, and playing tabletop soccer in the gaming area. The first band I chose to watch was Superorganism, an electronic indie-pop eight-piece with members from all over the world. 20 minutes before the show began, everyone was beyond excited for the music to start. However, the concert seemed to end as soon as it began. Just 40 minutes of new, interesting music gave us a taste of their first album, Superorganism, that will debut on March 2nd.

After a short break, I went to a different, smaller stage to see a local band called The Crispies, a Viennese rock band formed in 2014. They radiated energy, jumping around on the tiny stage, and performed both new and old songs. The question of the evening was asked by the band's singer Tino Romana: "Snickers or Mars bars?" and received mixed responses from the crowd. It was clear that their show was successful, with them gaining new fans and bringing people joy with their music.

photo by: Christian Stipkovits

After that very entertaining and fun show, 50 minutes later Dan Croll, a British singer-songwriter, entered the stage with his band. With just 2 acoustic guitars and a piano, the three of them performed for their fans who had been waiting in front of the stage patiently for more than half an hour. "I especially love you for your Strudel", the singer said, talking about Vienna. Dan Croll brought his listeners 35 minutes of pure joy. People were singing along to his songs, dancing to the beat and smiling from ear to ear.

photo by: Christian Stipkovits

The last band that I watched perform that evening was the German alternative-rock/punk band Beatsteaks. The venue was crowded: people were standing on the stairs, on the second floor, and right next to the exit just to see their favorite band. All of them were dancing, screaming, jumping, and feeling the energy. After this last live band finished their show, most of the fans left the venue smiling, some of them leaving to head home, others getting a drink with their friends, listening to the DJs, and enjoying the rest of that very special night.

Other bands/singers performing that evening were Leyya, Mine & Fatoni, Jordan Klassen, Intergalactic Lovers, Kakkmaddafakka, Yukno, and Kettcar.

The Crispies
Dan Croll

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