Natalie Claro Releases Video for "Baby Bug"

Just in time for Halloween, up-and-coming independent musician Natalie Claro dropped her new music video for the single "Baby Bug" on Tuesday, giving fans a glimpse into a more mysterious, sinister side of the artist's trademark musical style. Following a tour with Ohio band PUBLIC, Claro has been gaining ground within the independent community and continues to come into what will likely become an immensely successful career. The video is a testament to her potential, and is chillingly enthralling from beginning to end.

Visually, Claro's eye for cinematography is blatant in the video. The opening shot is a powerful headshot of Claro, with interspersed flashes of light and "glitches" to assert that this isn't a video to get lost in the noise. The colors, dark and brooding, hint into the sinister undertones of the track and play right into the season at hand. At once, the protagonists of the video are established, featuring a shadowy figure on the run from something unseen by the audience.

As the song crescendos into its peak, the tension within the video builds. The visuals, in a show of expertise, parallel the mood, and enhance what Claro is expressing. Unlike some contemporaries, what the video for "Baby Bug" manages to do is avoid the too common trap of having a music video overshadow the accompanying track. The theatrics strike a balance between engrossing and simplistic, able to highlight what Claro does best- blend aspects of soul, alt-rock, and folk to develop her own hallmark style- without missing a beat. It's an enjoyable three and a half minute track sure to make the rounds on the alternative network, expanding on the success it has already seen. 


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