Rising Artist- Le Trouble

The first song I heard from Le Trouble was "Vampires", which fittingly happened one lonely midnight about a year ago. I say "fittingly" because the initial desperate and dark sound elicited from lead singer Michael Mooney’s voice perfectly complemented the hour, and the haunting echo of Maxime Veilleux and Bao-Khanh Nguyen’s guitar work captured my attention almost immediately. The brooding, descriptive lyricism throughout this song (and it’s respective album, Making Matters Worse) is something we don’t really see enough of in the indie-rock genre. “Vampires” teems with imagery and metaphors, the chorus exploding into a plea orchestrated by drummer Jesse Gnaedinger and supported by smart bass work from Garrett Dougherty. As the song faded away that night, I realized I’d found a new favorite band.

Le Trouble is a somewhat peculiar act, as they’re based out of Montreal yet have found a large audience in Europe, concentrated in Germany. They recently played a string of shows there to support their February release of Making Matters Worse, and will be playing more this fall. The album instantly created a splash in the indie-rock genre. “Easy Enough” and “How Was I to Know?” gave the band rhythmic and memorable songs to be known for. Interestingly, the whole album rides on a sort of neo-surf-punk undertone. This is especially prevalent in “Ghost Surfer USA”, one of Le Trouble’s most defining songs. The lyricism and and brooding bass reflects that of “Vampires”, though the energy of the song is something unparalleled in the whole album. When showing others Le Trouble, I tend to introduce them with this song.

Making Matters Worse showcases immense variety on the band’s part. Beats vary from electronic based to derived from a classic kit, and songs are either powerful and dark (think “Ghost Surfer USA” or upbeat and easy listening (think “White Knuckles”). It’s hard to compare Le Trouble’s work to that of another artist, though they could be described as some perfect mix of Spendtime Palace and Arctic Monkeys. The album is a 2017 release to not be missed. Find it on Spotify or their Bandcamp below.

Website: https://letrouble.bandcamp.com/


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