New Music Friday Wrap-Up: 9/15/17

New Music Friday this week brought new singles from New Politics, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Weezer, and MILKK (pictured). Suburban Rose Mag is bringing you a wrap-up of these notable new songs that are stirring up talk in the music community.

New Politics- Madeleine

"Madeleine" is a surprising move from New Politics - one that (not to go into first person here, but) at least I certainly wasn't expecting. It has a completely vintage feel, opening with piano notes that conjure up something reminiscent of a western bar anthem. The song speeds up and slows down at different intervals, creating something unique and intriguing that begs to get radio attention this fall.

Check out "Madeleine" on Spotify:

The Last of the Real Ones- Fall Out Boy

As Fall Out Boy's latest single opens, one becomes suspicious of another "Young & Menace"-esque song - sort of a rising-and-falling club anthem. But when the chorus hits, the song more resembles the music of American Beauty/American Psycho. In typical FOB fashion, the lyrics are meaningful and are forcefully sung by lead singer Partrick Stump. Essentially, this is shaping up to be one of the stronger singles off Mania, but not the most defining of their career.

Check out "The Last of the Real Ones" on Spotify:

Some Kind of Love- The Killers

"Some Kind of Love" is a nostalic-feeling song from the Killers, taking things slower than the other singles released so far from the upcoming album. It's dramatic and orchestral, begging you to sway to it with your partner with the innocence of young lovers at a school dance.

Check out "Some Kind of Love" on Spotify:

Beach Boys- Weezer

Weezer's new single reflects the groovy-yet-modern feel of what the band is becoming. Their sound has greatly evolved over the years, morphing from what once defined alt-rock to something a bit poppier with mainstream influence seeping in. "Beach Boys" is characterized by lyrics that stick out to an attentive listener and the neo-pacific vibe that's beginning to describe the forthcoming album.

Check out "Beach Boys" on Spotify:


MILKK, an indie-pop group turned niche viral sensation over the last few months, released their second single (currently available) called "IDWK". Fans will not be dissappointed by the vibe of the song - it's similar to what they're known for, catchy synth-pop in the realm of The 1975. This one is more slow-danceable compared to "Pacific Kiss", the band's initial hit, showcasing clever variety on MILKK's part.

Check "IDWK" out on Spotify:


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