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Bay Faction On Florida Guilt, Pitbull Puppies, & Future Projects (Interview)

It is hard to define yourself without confining yourself, but Boston-born Bay Faction have managed to establish themselves in their scene without forfeiting room to grow.

Photos: Anisha Essani

With its swamplands, mosquitoes, and Publix Supermarkets, Florida is a far cry from the Northeast that Bay Faction call home. Yet, one cannot deny the strange connection that exists between the state and the band. Their recent full-length is titled Florida Guilt, for example, and last month they happened to visit the state on their ongoing Florida Guilt tour. I had the chance to chat about it all with them in Tallahassee itself, discussing everything from tour stories to pit bulls to what inspired their music in the first place.

"The biggest inspiration for Florida Guilt, musically speaking, was [having Alex Agresti] as kind of a sounding board to really [work out] any abstract idea,"  says frontman James McDermott, referencing the band's drummer, who is also, as James calls him, a …

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