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Review: Thomston's New Lively Single 'Lightweight'

New Zealand singer-songwriter Thomston is back with another single; "Lightweight" accentuates his pop roots in such a simple yet sophisticated way.

His cinematic persona comes out beautifully in this upbeat tune, through various layers of synths and harmonies that add depth and volume to the general melody. I had the chance of reading the lyrics before the actual song came out, thanks to Thomston's kind heart, and it is easy to say that they are as relatable as always, signifying growth in his popstar character, even if still tying him up to his initial lyrical identity. It's like a coming of age movie carried in sound.
"You got me seeing double, but I can't deal with the both of you" Sonically it is a fun tune, even if it—similarly to his other single "Acid Rain"—holds a much deeper meaning. "Lightweight" talks about a toxic relationship. The protagonist of the song is desperately infatuated, but they realize it is not what they nee…

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