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Interview: Lostboycrow on 'Santa Fe'— Black Mirror, Used Guitars, & More

What would you say was the biggest inspiration behind your newest album, Santa Fe?

The process. I think I was most inspired by some very fundamental parts of my life I had been neglecting that could no longer stay dormant. I couldn't help but go back to writing heavily on the guitar, which in turn made the songs take on a very completely different tone, lyrically as well as sonically. I was remembering, I was relearning, with the perspective of now.

The last two lines of "Violet Sky": “I was in the backseat / Devil's in the backseat” — is that a reference to your earlier song “Devil’s in the Backseat?” If so, what drew you to tie those two songs together?

It is indeed. I love cross-referencing between songs, entire albums, projects. I think as artists we create our own worlds and invite others to live with us in those worlds even for a short time. The references to me are always a sort of reassurance and a beautiful reminder of the journey we've been on together.


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